Market Basket Promises Shoppers Its Stores Are ‘Ghost-Free’ After Sightings Ovsyannykov Ovsyannykov / Ovsyannykov

When you're out shopping to stock your fridge, the last thing you want is ectoplasmic goo on your produce. Visitors to Market Basket, a chain of grocery stores with 79 locations throughout New England, got reassurance their trips would be free of any supernatural interruptions this week after a spokesperson told The Boston Globe that their stores were "ghost-free."

The comment was made in the wake of a social media posting by a customer who insisted that a woman wearing Victorian-era clothing had been seen floating around a store in Wilmington, Massachusetts. The Facebook notice drew other comments from people who claimed to have seen the ghost "near the frozen peas," and one resident even said a similar-sounding apparition used to wander her nearby home.

The store denies any such paranormal activity. "As far as we know all of our stores are ghost-free," Justine Griffin, a Market Basket representative, told the Globe. "But if there's anything to it, she's probably attracted to our Victorian-era prices."

This is not the first time a food market has been suspected of harboring spirits. In November 2017, a grocery store in Sansom Park, Texas captured an eerie, ethereal image on a security camera. Shoppers at Pike Place Market in Seattle have also reported apparitions. Part of that market was once the site of a mortuary.