It's a Good Game, Brent: WeRateDogs Is Now a Card Game

Chronicle Books
Chronicle Books / Chronicle Books
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Whether they're smol, boopable, or floofy, the wildly popular Twitter account WeRateDogs has shown us that all dogs are good dogs. (We're talking to you, Brent.) But that doesn't mean there can't be some competition between the world's perfect pups: In We Rate Dogs! The Card Game, a new game inspired by the account, players go head-to-head to see whose dog is Best in Show.

The We Rate Dogs game is modeled after a dog show, but instead of striving to be best groomed or most athletic, dogs are judged in areas like sass, zoom, goodness, and boopability. Each dog card comes with a rating for the seven categories—and as is the case for the original WeRateDogs Twitter page run by Matt Nelson, no pet ever receives less than 10 out of 10.

Three to six players compete by entering their favorite dogs into the show and using event cards to boost their rating, hinder their opponents, or cause general chaos. Dogs may need to overcome rogue pigeons, distracting smells, and bribed judges to make it to the winner's circle. While all the dogs in the game are very good boys and girls, only one dog can be the best.

We Rate Dogs! The Card Game comes out April 30, but it's already available to preorder for $25 from Chronicle Books.

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