Filming Game of Thrones: By the Numbers


It’s no secret that Game of Thrones is one of the most ambitious and successful television shows in history—and over the years, the production has turned in some impressive numbers beyond just viewership. Here’s Game of Thrones by the numbers, according to a press release issued by HBO.

Game of Thrones Locations and Production By the Numbers

  • Number of countries filmed in: 10 (Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Morocco, Malta, Spain, Croatia, Iceland, United States, Canada, and Scotland)
  • Number of locations in Northern Ireland: 49
  • Number of locations in the Republic of Ireland: 1
  • Number of travel documents issued: 19,722
  • Number of hotel rooms booked: 68,143
  • Number of call sheets: 1749
  • Number of shooting schedules: 243

Game of Thrones Extras and Crew By the Numbers

  • Number of extras in Northern Ireland: 12,986
  • Number of days for extras on all locations: 105,846

Game of Thrones Hair, Costumes, Sets, and Prosthetics By the Numbers

  • Number of wigs and hairpieces: 12,137
  • Number of months to develop color and style of Daenerys's wig: 2
  • Number of prototypes to develop Daenerys's wig: 7
  • Longest hours for prosthetics applications: 7 (on the Children of the Forest and The Mountain)
  • Miles of fabric used for costumes: 50
  • Miles of repurposed timber used: 745
  • Sheets of plywood used: 60,000
  • Number of screws and bolts used: 20,000,000

Game of Thrones Visual Effects By the Numbers

  • Number of VFX houses used: 40 in 13 countries
  • Number of VFX shots: 13,250

Game of Thrones Special Effects By the Numbers

  • Number of shields created in Northern Ireland: 1300
  • Pounds of rubber used to create weaponry: 3748
  • Tons of metal used to create weaponry: 1.5
  • Total bags of paper snow used: 52,000
  • Gallons of artificial blood used: 4000
  • Number of candles used: 20,907
  • Pounds of silicone used for prosthetics since season 4: 24,421
  • Pounds of Coffee Mate© used for pyrotechnics since season 4: 1102
  • Number of pyrotechnic effects used on Game of Thrones: 3000