15 Ways to Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Mike’s Hard Lemonade


With summer in full swing and everyone in party mode, we present to you another excuse to party hardy. Mike’s Hard Lemonade is celebrating their 15th anniversary and we have 15 creative ways for you to join in the festivities. However, before we dive into the party details, come take a glorious journey with us … in history (cue in the sci-fi music).

Flashback to the radical '90s: Back in '99, a guy named Mike had a dream to bottle a deliciously refreshing hard lemonade. Fifteen years later, Mike’s iconic lemonade still slakes the thirst of summer-loving party-goers, along with a host of new cold, hard, refreshing flavors that have joined the family over the years. Just like the resurrection of the bro tank top, good things stand the test of time including mike’s hard lemonade, the preeminent drink of fun times with good friends.

So without further ado, here are fifteen ways you can appropriately celebrate this anniversary:

1. Buy three six-packs of mike’s hard lemonade (so you have fifteen bottles, duh). Arrange them in a number 15. Invite 15 friends over to party. Instagram 15 photos of the evening, #mikes15.

2. Bury 15 bottles of mike’s hard lemonade in your backyard along with an industrial fire alarm that you’d find in any elementary school. Hook that up to a timer. When the ringing begins, gesture to the pile of shovels you thoughtfully stowed in the corner of the yard. Dig in, everyone.

3. Have a mike’s hard taste-test party. Buy each variety of mike’s hard lemonade (we recommend the black cherry!), blindfold your friends, and see if they can guess all the flavors. The winner gets to decide which restaurant you’re all ordering take out from.

4. Marinate a chicken in mike’s hard cranberry lemonade. Roast that baby for tangy goodness. Enjoy chicken paired with mike's for a truly meta feast.

5. Hack an outdoor chandelier out of mike’s bottles using the parts of various items you were going to sell at that garage sale next weekend.

6. Set up an adult lemonade stand at your summer BBQ. Right next to the kissing booth but before the Roman candle firework launch pad.

7. Cook up some drunken mussels using a stock made out of mike’s hard limeade, onions and peppers, a lime, some hot peppers and cilantro.

8. Hide a mike’s hard lemonade under a loved one's mattress. It'll be like the princess and the pea, but with mike’s hard lemonade. If they can feel the mike’s, marry them.

9. Make a mike’s “American Mule” cocktail to refresh your guests at your next event this summer. Just mix mike’s hard lemonade along with some bourbon. Then add lemon slices, orange slices and mint.

10. Create a giant birthday cake made out of mike’s hard lemonade bottles by pouring melted wax into each bottle with a wick, and arranging all the bottles in circular layers using stacked tables, boxes, etc. The bigger, the better, so go big or go home.

11. Make a hard lemonade paper machè shrine, complete with LED lighting and tiny waterfalls. Make it the centerpiece of your next party, encouraging people to leave alms.

12. Invite all your friends to bring a picture of themselves from 15 years ago and take a vote on who was the most awkward. Winner gets a special crown made out of the mike’s hard lemonade box to make things even more awkward.

13. A picture is worth a thousand ‘likes’. Capture your mike’s hard lemonade moment forever in a selfie and #mikes15. Remember, your boss totally follows you.

14. You and your friends take sips out of 15 bottles of mike’s hard lemonade, until each bottle has a different amount of liquid. Use a pencil, or chopsticks, to bang out a clinky tune that will win Battle of the Bands and subsequently long-awaited respect from your parents.

15. Have a contest to see who among your friends is the hardest. Hardest body, hardest-working, hardest to predict, hardest to stay mad at. Winners are rewarded, naturally, with a tattoo of a screaming eagle clutching a bottle of mike's, in space.