15 Twitter Accounts for Space Nerds

istock/Rebecca O'Connell
istock/Rebecca O'Connell / istock/Rebecca O'Connell

Love space? Then consider following these astronauts, astronomers, and spacecraft on Twitter.

1. Buzz Aldrin

He walked on the moon, is among those leading the charge to colonize Mars, recorded a song with Snoop Dogg called “Rocket Experience,” and once punched a moon landing conspiracy theorist in the face. What more reason do you need to follow him?

2. Curiosity Rover

Dispatches from Mars, courtesy of the scientists operating this rover.

3. Cassini

Launched in 1997, Cassini is currently cruising around Saturn, sending back incredible images of the gaseous planet, its rings, and its moons.

4. Voyager Spacecraft

OK, so some people don’t necessarily believe that Voyager 2 is actually in interstellar space. Still, the craft and its twin really far out there, so this account is worth a follow.

5. Kepler

Breaking info on exoplanets, direct from the space observatory that’s looking for them.

6. Phil Plait

Explaining incredible images, the latest space news, and so much more.

7. Hubble

This telescope has been observing the universe since 1990.

8. Chris Hadfield

The world’s favorite astronaut isn’t currently in space, but follow this Canadian anyway!

9. Low Flying Rocks

If an object comes within 18,591,161.5 miles of Earth, this bot, made by Tom Taylor, tweets about it.

10. Astro Pic of the Day

Gorgeous photos of our universe daily, accompanied by an explanation from an astronomer.

11. Reid Weisman

Weisman is currently living on the International Space Station and tweeting incredible images.

12. Space Weather

When the weather on Earth isn’t enough, check out what’s happening in space!

13. Sky and Telescope

"The essential guide to astronomy" ... on Twitter!

14. Fake Astro Pix

Setting the record straight on some of the photos floating around on social media.

15. Neil deGrasse Tyson