5 Weird-But-Fun Ways to Use Google Glass

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When someone wears Google Glass, people notice. The techie glasses show wearers a Head-Up Display (or HUD—the head is not plural) with information about your surroundings like a map. You can also record a short video clip or check your e-mail ... but that’s boring. Here are five less conventional things app developers are allowing Google Glass users to do.

1. Run from zombies

Want a better way to get in shape? Pretend you're being chased by a horde of zombies! The Zombies, Run! app for Google Glass plays highly motivational messages and also tracks your workout distance and time.

2. Play Games with Your Eyes

The craze over the FlappyBird game for smartphones reached epic proportions. Now there's a clone for Google Glass. In the insanely difficult BlinkyBird, you fly a little bird across the screen by blinking twice, trying to avoid pipes that kill the bird instantly. If you want to take an easier (though probably more annoying) route, the developer has built in an option that lets you tap the side of your Glass to flap.

3. Take pictures using your mind

Sometimes, you just need to be a little more focused. If you use the MindRDR app (which requires the Neurosky MindWave Mobile add-on to read electroencephalography pulses from your brain), you can stare off in space with a purpose. When you do, the Glass app snaps a photo. Stare a little more sternly, and the app will then post the image to Facebook.

4. Generate a meme


Tired of seeing memes about kittens? Create your own! Just use the Glass Meme Generator to snap a photo of anything—your dog, a road sign, your spouse. The app allows you to add a caption in the style of Cheezburger.com, then share the results online.

5. Praise yourself

Are you getting flack for being a glasshole? We feel your pain. Instead of just living with the stigma, do something about it. Use the Glass Praiser app to send yourself a motivational message once per day. You set the time of delivery, and the app sends you a compliment.