7 Times the Golden Girls Talked It Out Over Cheesecake


It's been said that over the course of the series, the Golden Girls ladies ate more than 100 cheesecakes—and Bea Arthur couldn't stand that particular dessert. Coming up with all 100 instances sounds like an intriguing challenge, but in the meantime (and in honor of National Cheesecake Day, which was technically yesterday, but you can still get a slice for half price at the Cheesecake Factory today), here are a few of our favorite cheesecake roundtables.

1. The episode: "Golden Moments"

The Crisis: Sophia wants to move out.
The Cheesecake: Plain, and bakery-fresh

2. The episode: "The Way We Met"

The Crisis: The Girls freak out because they just watched Psycho.
The Cheesecake: Double Fudge Chocolate

3.The episode: "Job Hunting"

The Crisis: Rose has lost her job at a grief center.
The Cheesecake: Chocolate

4. The episode: "Big Daddy's Little Lady"

The Crisis: Blanche's beloved Big Daddy is marrying a much younger woman.
The Cheesecake: They don't say, but it appears to be plain.

5. The episode: "Rites of Spring"

The Crisis: Sophia is worried that she's lost a pound, and the rest of the Girls are trying to lose weight.
The Cheesecake: There are two in this episode. The one that they actually eat appears to be lemon, while the double fudge amaretto ricotta cheesecake is homemade by Sophia. Someone actually developed the recipe after drooling over the description.

6. Episode: "An Illegitimate Concern"

The Crisis: Blanche's late husband had an affair while they were married—and it that resulted in a son.
The Cheesecake: Unknown Origin. It's eaten off-camera, while Blanche laments about the fact that she could have had Andy Rooney. You can check it out near the 20 minute mark above.

7. Episode: "Blanche Delivers"

The Crisis: Blanche's daughter wants to have her baby at a birthing center instead of a hospital.
The Cheesecake: Plain.