Reebok is Re-Releasing Its Alien Stompers for Alien Day

Reebok / Reebok
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It’s been a busy year for the Alien franchise. Currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, the popular space horror saga has seen a New Jersey high school rendition of the first film go viral, a series of short fan films sanctioned by Fox, and an upcoming documentary on the original 1979 film, Memory: The Origin of Alien, which is set for release this summer.

The latest tribute comes from Reebok, which is re-issuing an Alien Stomper sneaker originally produced in 2015 and 2016 for the 30th anniversary of the 1986 James Cameron-directed sequel, Aliens. In that film, hero Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) sports a pair of futuristic high-tops and android Bishop (Lance Henriksen) wears a mid-top design. The current iteration is a unisex mid-top that’s been purposely distressed so it seems like buyers have “found” a vintage pair, or prototype, of the shoes that would have been around in time for the events of the first movie.


Reebok sneaker designer Chris Hill used archival material from the films to craft the snowy-gray sneaker, which sports the logo of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, the human-colonization profiteers that would have ostensibly made Ripley’s footwear. (Because documents relating to the first film spelled it Weylan, with no d, that's how it's spelled on the sneaker.) The shoes also come with paperwork and other accessories that might have been given to new employees of the fictional space company.  

The shoes were released in time for Friday’s studio-approved “Alien Day” and retail for $175.