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5 Things That Need to Happen in the Next Game of Thrones Episode

Olivia Montine
Helen Sloan, HBO
Helen Sloan, HBO / Helen Sloan, HBO

The Long Night” was the much anticipated third episode of Game of Thrones's final season, which included the pivotal Battle of Winterfell—the largest battle in television history, and an undertaking that required the show’s cast to film in frigid conditions in Northern Ireland for 55 nights. The result was a larger-than-life, 82-minute bloodbath that forced fans to say goodbye to a few well-loved characters.

With the battle against the Night King and his army of the dead now over (unless there's any truth to a new fan theory that just began circulating), here are five things that need to happen in the next episode of Game of Thrones.

1. Arya needs to reunite with Sansa and Jon.

Arya Stark, a.k.a the Little Assassin That Could, pulled a fast one on the audience when she attacked the Night King from behind and plunged a Valyrian steel dagger into him. Her entire character arc had led to this pivotal moment, with her extensive battle training and advice from Jon Snow way back in the first season to “stick them with the pointy end” coming full circle as she saved the day. In the coming episode, we have to see her reunite with all those she loves who made it through the Battle of Winterfell alive, including Sansa and, of course, Jon.

2. We need confirmation that the entire Army of the Dead is actually defeated.

While we would love to believe that defeating the undead was really as simple as Arya stabbing the Night King, something about it feels too good to be true. Unless there’s a far more menacing army coming, we need confirmation to feel safe in Westeros—especially given the show’s track record of resurrecting once-dead characters.

3. Cersei needs to make her grand entrance.

We have yet to see Cersei Lannister take on Winterfell as promised this season, but the teaser for next week’s episode seems to hint that the evil queen's meet-up with everyone else may be fast approaching. Whether it’s in the north or at King’s Landing, Cersei will be back. The real question remains, though: Did she ever get her elephants?

4. We need to Learn the identity of Azor Ahai/The Prince That Was Promised.

This is one of the most popular jumping-off points for fan theories this season, as Melisandre (a.k.a. the Red Woman) predicted that this character would be the one to save Westeros. While the most popular theories designate this prophecy being fulfilled by Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, or a combination of the two, "The Long Night" potentially brought Arya into the mix as well.

5. Jon and Daenerys need to define their relationship.

While audiences have known that Jon is Dany's nephew since the end of season 7, the on-screen couple only learned the truth at the beginning of season 8. Since Jon awkwardly dropped the bomb right before the army of the dead arrived at Winterfell, there’s a lot to be said between the two characters in terms of deciding what this means for their relationship.

The Battle of Winterfell was everything we had hoped for, but it somehow feels like there are now even more loose ends to be tied up. With the main plot point and enemy of the season appearing to be defeated only halfway through, we have to wonder what is going to come in the final three episodes.