A Game of Thrones Fan Predicted How the Battle of Winterfell Would End a Full Year Ago


*Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers ahead.

One of the reasons fans come up with their own theories while watching their favorite TV shows and movies is because they want to be the first ones to predict those monumental scenes and twists we talk about for years afterwards. Even if their ideas prove to be wrong or are deemed just bizarre, theories give fans the chance to decide the outcome for themselves, to an extent.

But what if those wild posts on Reddit proved to be true? It’s pretty rare for a fan theory to actually come to fruition, though it does happen. Most recently, as Mashable reports, one major Game of Thrones moment from the Battle of Winterfell was actually predicted by a fan last year.

If you were able to see “The Long Night,” the third episode in Game of Thrones season 8, through all the poor lighting, then you probably have some opinions about how the Battle of Winterfell turned out. Fans have been divided about the episode, with some loving the fact that Arya Stark defeated the Night King, and others hating how anticlimactic the moment was. But either way, no one expected it to turn out the way it did—except for one person, who predicted it all on Reddit one year ago.

Redditor gride9000 theorized the Night King’s death would play out exactly how it did. The fan pointed out how strange it was that the assassin’s blade kept popping up throughout the series, especially in some pretty obvious close-ups. Then it all made sense to them once Bran gave the knife to Arya in season 7. The Three-Eyed-Raven knew what was going to happen, so he gave it to Arya knowing she’d use it to kill the Night King. While we all know that now after watching the latest episode, the Redditor really did figure it out a while ago. And the funniest part? Fellow fans in the comments section weren’t exactly convinced.

Here’s hoping that a few more fan theories come true in the final three episodes of Game of Thrones, because we still have so many questions that need answers.