Watch Excavators Play Giant Jenga


This past weekend, I went to a wedding (congratulations, Pat and Lily!) where the second most popular attraction—after the main event itself, of course—was a life-sized game of Jenga, created by an engineer for the groom's father. We played it all weekend, regularly stacking it more than 5 feet high.

We dubbed that version of the game Giant Jenga, but clearly, none of us realized just how big Jenga could get. Behold this truly Giant Jenga game, in which two Cat excavators and their human operators play with 27 blocks (half the typical number) that weigh 600 pounds each—and eventually come down with a huge crash.

Here are some instructions to build your own Giant Jenga game, and although this version is much smaller than what the excavators and Pat and Lily's wedding guests were playing with, it will probably still provide hours of fun.