Is Your Favorite TV Show or Movie Not Part of Netflix’s Library? You Can Request It /

Netflix offers a diverse library of movies and TV shows, ranging from original content to beloved classics. But if your favorite titles are missing, the service may not be worth the $13 a month price tag. Before you cancel your subscription, though, try this trick recently shared by the Irish news website JOE.

If you can't find the film or TV series you want to watch on Netflix, you can submit your request directly to the company. Just visit the Netflix Help Center and enter your title suggestions. (You can only submit three at a time, so choose wisely.)

Once you send off your entries, Netflix will log them and alert you if the title ever appears on the site. But be warned: Sending repeat suggestions won't make Netflix any more likely to add them or bring them back, no matter how much you miss having the entire Saw series in your queue.

There's no guarantee that the streaming service will act on your request quickly—or ever—so loyal Netflix users should plan on being patient. And if you just can't wait to stream a movie or show, there's also an app that will tell where else on the web you can watch it.

[h/t JOE]