Come to Our Super Fun Trivia Show This Weekend!

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If you couldn’t tell from the exclamation point in the title, we’re really excited to be partnering with Barnes and Noble on a page-to-screen trivia show this weekend. (Click here for times and locations.)

It’s funny—while I was researching books and movies for the event, I started reminiscing about my first job out of college, when I worked at an independent video store. It was the sort of place that was beloved by the community but also thoroughly confusing in its whimsical organization. A row of flicks from Portuguese directors might jut out from an alphabetized section of of slapstick Westerns, which not only made no sense, but also made the clerks indispensable since you needed them to find everything. One of the most fun parts of working there was that we were allowed to take Post-its and write goofy notes and recommendations on the video boxes. When my fellow clerk and I stickered every Jean-Claude Van Damme “film” with a starburst that read “As seen on Masterpiece Theater!”, my manager just laughed and shook her head. But what was perhaps most distinctive about the place was its feel: the way people strolled through the place and chatted and lingered, it always felt more like a beloved book shop to me than a video store.

This weekend’s event is part of Barnes and Noble’s Get Pop Cultured Month—a celebration of books in movies and pop culture. And working on it made us smile: from thinking about which Roald Dahl story made for the best movie (I’m partial to Fantastic Mr. Fox), to blurting things like, “did you know Cheaper By The Dozen was actually based on a book?” The whole thing reminded me of my days in that old video store. Anyway, that’s all to say: if you love trivia, movies and books, you should definitely check it out. Our event is running at stores across the nation, and our research editors Sandy Wood and Kara Kovalchik are even hosting one of the shows in Michigan.

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