A Game of Thrones Quiz Is Helping Psychologists Learn More About How People Respond to Ethical Dilemmas


There are countless Game of Thrones personality quizzes on the internet that will tell you if you're a Cersei, a Daenerys, or a Jon Snow, but few have real social and behavioral science to back them up. A new quiz from TIME uses scientific data to match you with a main character on Game of Thrones, and with your consent, your answers can benefit the psychologists who helped create it.

The Ultimate Game of Thrones Fan Quiz is part of an ongoing effort from TIME "to bring scientific legitimacy to the weathered quiz format." The first step in building the survey was asking Game of Thrones fans to answer questions as they thought the characters would. The questions, compiled by a team of research psychologists, gauge qualities like leadership and self-esteem.

After collecting 1730 answered quizzes from 521 fans, the quiz makers were able to assign personality traits to five Game of Thrones characters: Cersei, Daenerys, Tyrion, Arya, and Jon Snow. According to the survey results, Cersei Lannister believes that everyone around her is inferior, and expects loyalty and admiration from them. Jon Snow, on the other hand, is one of the few main characters without an inflated sense of self-importance.

You can take TIME's quiz to see which character your personality most closely resembles. At the start of the quiz, you'll be asked to anonymously share your answers with the psychologists who designed the quiz to aid in their research. If you're uncomfortable with handing over your data, you can opt out of the project and proceed with the quiz normally.

The quiz, according to its creators, "is concerned with understanding how people view different ethical dilemmas and scenarios. Donating your data will greatly help us to explore this question."

This isn't TIME's first example of a pop culture personality quiz based on science. Earlier this year, they unveiled a similar project matching fans to characters from Harry Potter.

[h/t TIME]