This Magnetic Key and Wallet Organizer Will Get You Out the Door Faster

Distil Union
Distil Union / Distil Union
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If you find yourself getting stressed over misplaced keys, a wallet, or other items you need to grab before heading out the door, the magnetic Ferris modular organizer could be just what you need. Currently funded on Kickstarter, the organizer from Distil Union features a wall-mounted docking station to hold everything you need to get out the door, from your smart phone to your sunglasses to your outgoing letters. A magnetized wallet, key folio, and key loop all attach to the ModStation surface, leaving them within easy reach.

The Ferris System includes three different accessories that work with the docking station: the KeyLoop, the KeyFolio, and the ModWallet. The magnetic MagLock components in each serve dual purposes, both holding your stuff in place and securing them to the ModStation.

The KeyLoop holds up to six keys and a keyfob and has a clip so you can keep it secure in a pocket, while the heavier-duty KeyFolio holds up to 10 keys and a keyfob. Keys can also easily be rearranged or taken out with the MagLock feature, which keeps them together without the need for a cumbersome key ring. The KeyLoop can also be used to hang other accessories from the ModStation, like headphones.

The ModWallet holds up to 10 cards and a clip for cash. It can also be used to hold your keys, if you want to consolidate items.

The ModStation is available for a $21 pledge. The KeyFolio and KeyLoop are $34 each, and the ModWallet is $50. You can also mix and match accessories and opt for add-on discounts at the product's Kickstarter page. The items are expected to begin shipping in September.

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