7 Things We Learned from David Rees

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National Geographic Channel / National Geographic Channel

Going Deep With David Rees wraps up its first season Monday night at 10pm on the National Geographic Channel. I sat down with him for a full interview, but made this handy list so you can enjoy the highlights.

1. He Has a Pooter

In the How to Climb a Tree episode, Rees encountered his first pooter, and ultimately received one as a gift.

REES: "I have the pooter that "Canopy" Meg gave me, yes."

I urge you to watch this clip to understand what a pooter is:

2. He Might Have Broken His Hand in the Final Episode

In Monday night's How to Shake Hands episode, Rees did something that led to his left hand feeling a little wrong. Like, a little broken-bone wrong. At his mother's insistence, he's finally getting it checked out.

REES: "I've got my Mom emailing me every day asking if I've done it. And I have not been, I've just been putting it off. I don't want to know if it's broken, I don't want to have a cast or whatever."

3. He's Awesome at Flipping Coins Now

In the How to Flip a Coin episode, Rees picked up some serious knowledge:

REES: "I practiced so much on that [1855 half-dollar coin] that I'm not sure I can apply my technique to a quarter, because the quarter is smaller and lighter, and I'm so used to this particular coin. It's like a pool player having a favorite pool cue. Yeah. I'm definitely good at [flipping] it, and I know where to hit it to make it go "bing!" and all that stuff."

4. Party Hole or Satanic Ritual Site?

In the How to Dig a Hole episode, Rees dug a "Party Hole" on a golf course. It was later filled in and the sod carefully replaced, but it hasn't quite disappeared yet.

REES: "A friend who's a member of that golf club sent me a photo of it a couple months later, because it looked kinda creepy. It looks kind of like evidence of a Satanic ritual. It looks like this weird circle in the middle of the golf course that hasn't quite healed all the way. So the Party Hole is gone except in our hearts."

5. He Likes to Hang Out at the Airport and Tweet...at Christmas


REES: "One of my favorite holiday traditions, when I'm flying somewhere for Christmas, is to go to the airport ahead of time—because I love the energy of airports at holidays—and just sit around and tweet all the people that I'm looking it. And people got really into that, for some reason. I think it's just because of the spirit of the holidays."

6. He Hates Doughnuts, But They're in Every Episode

If you watch the show carefully, you'll see a surprising number of doughnut references. At the very least, doughnuts appear in the opening credits, but they also creep in during the show. This is especially odd given that Rees hates doughnuts.

REES: "The whole thing about doughnuts is weird. I'm not actually into doughnuts or sweets at all. It's just this thing where—I'll explain what happened. We were shooting at this mine in Colorado, for How to Dig a Hole, and the staff at the mine, before we shot, they had to give us an intro talk and a safety lecture about it, and they brought in pastries from a local bakery. And they had these doughnuts that were really bright pink with sprinkles, and I thought it would be cool to take one of these really bright, happy-looking doughnuts down into the deep, dark mine and just get a shot of me eating a doughnut in a mine."

7. He's Never Heard of Fat Guys in the Woods

Rees was very patient when I asked him to tell me whether all of IMDB's suggestions for related shows (as computed by some algorithm, I guess) were actually shows that he might like. He hadn't heard of most of them, but humored me. Here's part of that exchange, as I read off the names of shows:

HIGGINS: Okay, this one's called Talk to the Animals. REES: No, I hate animals. Next. HIGGINS: It's called Fat Guys in the Woods. REES: You can't be serious. HIGGINS: I'm completely serious. It's the final recommendation. REES: That's the actual name of the show, it's called Fat Guys in the Woods? What's the network? HIGGINS: The Weather Channel. REES: Oh! There we go. ...

Read our full interview for the thrilling conclusion, plus a bunch of stuff about SkyMall and gray shirts.

Where to Watch Going Deep With David Rees

By the way, at 1:45 this will blow your mind. A crazy paper airplane that flies indefinitely, followed by a boomerang plane (!!!):

You can enjoy the fist-pumping tenth episode of Going Deep With David Rees Monday, August 25, at 10pm on the National Geographic Channel. (David typically live-tweets the episodes.) You can catch up on older episodes for free on Hulu. I like all of them, but the most brain-bending is probably How to Make a Paper Airplane. Last week's How to Climb a Tree episode is great if you like lemurs and pooters.