Go Around the World in 80 Days in a Jules Verne-Inspired Trip With Airbnb

iStock/millionsjoker / iStock/millionsjoker

When Jules Verne published Around the World in 80 Days in 1873, travelers didn't have Airbnb. Phineas Fogg's mission to circumnavigate the globe is still ambitious by today's standards, but by providing food, comfortable accommodations, and modern transportation, Airbnb aims to create a more practical version of the experience.

In celebration of the launch of Airbnb Adventures, a feature that lets customers browse multi-day experiences as well as vacation rentals, Airbnb is offering an Around the World in 80 Days adventure. Travelers who sign up for the trip will visit 18 countries across six continents, exploring such places as Japan, the UK, and the U.S.

During the 80-day trek, guests will stay in a variety of accommodations, including hotels, campsites, boats, homes, and eco-lodges. They will also take various modes of transportation to reach each stop. Naturally, hot air ballon travel, an iconic part of the 1956 movie adaptation, is featured on the itinerary. Meals and drinks are also included in the package.

The international tour will be available to book at $5000 per person beginning Thursday, June 20. The trip departs from London, the same way Phineas Fogg's journey starts in the novel, and guests will return to England 12 weeks later. If you're looking to take a vacation that requires less travel, Airbnb offers some famous rentals located in the U.S.

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