Jason Momoa is 'Absolutely' Down for a Twins Remake With Peter Dinklage

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images / Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Neon green and fanny packs apparently aren’t the only things making a comeback from the ’80s. Remember the 1988 movie Twins? In case you don’t (it was over 30 years ago, after all), here’s a refresher: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito star as fraternal twins who were separated at birth. When Julius (Schwarzenegger) discovers he has a brother (DeVito) and mother, he sets off to find them, ending up in Los Angeles. What’s next is a hilarious tangle of confusion as each brother uses his particular skill set to find their mother and get out of various conflicts. Sound fun? Well, it looks like one famous actor is now looking to revisit the film.

Aquaman star Jason Momoa revealed his love for Twins at a panel discussion during Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, Texas. According to ComicBook.com, a fan asked if he would do a Twins remake with his Game of Thrones co-star and friend Peter Dinklage. Momoa was thrilled with the idea, saying, "F**kin' tell me where to sign! Absolutely. That'd be amazing. I love that movie."

Momoa then agreed with the panel’s moderator that they should turn to Twitter to give the proposed plan some momentum.

While Khal Drogo and Tyrion Lannister did not share any scenes in Game of Thrones, perhaps a lighthearted remake could finally bring the two actors together on the big screen.