New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Fan Theory Suggests an Emotional End for Kylo Ren and Rey

Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved
Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker isn’t hitting theaters until December, but fans are already speculating about how the Skywalker Saga might conclude. While Lucasfilm has been reliably tight-lipped about the storyline beyond the first teaser trailer, it’s pretty safe to assume the relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren will be one of the main plot points.

The ambiguity of Rey and Kylo Ren’s relationship has piqued serious interest since 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with fans wondering if the pair could be related or even romantically involved. The franchise has often played with the dichotomy between light and darkness, but the newest installations have really blurred the line between the two, creating a modern universe that allows for both to exist within one person.

We have seen this most obviously in the relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren as they struggle between good and evil, but what will it mean for the two as the end approaches?

According to Inverse, Redditor u/Brilee93 proposed an intriguing theory about Rey and Kylo Ren’s Force-connection, stating that the characters are "two halves of one whole." The user backs up this hypothesis by pointing to symbolism in the previous films, such as the ground between them splitting in The Force Awakens.

Inverse also points out that Rey’s connection to the Force seemed to grow more powerful the more the darkness within Kylo Ren grew, making it easier for her to best him in battle. This was evidenced when the Force became stronger in Rey, but weaker in Kylo Ren, immediately after he killed Han Solo in The Force Awakens.

The Redditor posits that, because of this Force connection, the two will remain connected—even when Kylo Ren inevitably dies. "Kylo dies redeeming himself, but he will live on through Rey," the Redditor writes. "The ending scene of [The Rise of Skywalker] is her looking at her reflection and seeing Ben looking back at her."

It does seem like Kylo Ren's arc is moving toward redemption, but if he ends up succumbing to the darkness completely, will Rey ever be able to escape their Force connection?

We’ll finally find out everything when The Rise of Skywalker debuts on December 20, 2019.

Swear Off Toilet Paper With This Bidet Toilet Seat That's Easy to Install and Costs Less Than $100


The recent coronavirus-related toilet paper shortage has put the spotlight on the TP-less alternative that Americans have yet to truly embrace: the bidet.

It's not exactly a secret that toilet paper is wasteful—it's estimated to cost 437 billion gallons of water and 15 million trees to produce our yearly supply of the stuff. But while the numbers are plain to see, bidets still aren't common in the United States.

Well, if price was ever the biggest barrier standing in the way of swearing off toilet paper for good, there's now a cost-effective way to make the switch. Right now, you can get the space-saving Tushy bidet for less than $100. And you'll be able to install it yourself in just 10 minutes.

What is a Bidet?

Before we go any further, let’s just go ahead and get the awkward technical details out of the way. Instead of using toilet paper after going to the bathroom, bidets get you clean by using a stream of concentrated water that comes out of a faucet or nozzle. Traditional bidets look like weird toilets without tanks or lids, and while they’re pretty uncommon in the United States, you’ve definitely seen one if you’ve ever been to Europe or Asia.

That said, bidets aren’t just good for your butt. When you reduce toilet paper usage, you also reduce the amount of chemicals and emissions required to produce it, which is good for the environment. At the same time, you’re also saving money. So this is a huge win-win.

Unfortunately, traditional bidets are not an option for most Americans because they take up a lot of bathroom space and require extra plumbing. That’s where Tushy comes in.

The Tushy Classic Bidet Toilet Seat.

Unlike traditional bidets, the Tushy bidet doesn’t take up any extra space in your bathroom. It’s an attachment for your existing toilet that places an adjustable self-cleaning nozzle at the back of the bowl, just underneath the seat. But it doesn’t require any additional plumbing or electricity. All you have to do is remove the seat from your toilet, connect the Tushy to the clean water supply behind the toilet, and replace the seat on top of the Tushy attachment.

The Tushy has a control panel that lets you adjust the angle and pressure of the water stream for a perfect custom clean. The nozzle lowers when the Tushy is activated and retracts into its housing when not in use, keeping it clean and sanitary.

Like all bidets, the Tushy system takes a little getting used to. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to use toilet paper again. In fact, Tushy is so sure you’ll love their product, they offer customers a 60-day risk-free guarantee. If you don’t love your Tushy, you can send it back for a full refund, minus shipping and handling.

Normally, the Tushy Classic retails for $109, but right now you can get the Tushy Classic for just $89. So if you’ve been thinking about going TP-free, now is definitely the time to do it.

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You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: How Jaws’s Most Famous Line Came to Be


The line "You're gonna need a bigger boat" from Jaws (1975) has gone down as one of the most iconic quotes in movie history. Spoken by Chief Brody moments after the eponymous shark appears behind the Orca, it's been referenced countless times in film and television, and ranks 35th on AFI's list of top 100 movie quotes. It was famously ad-libbed by Roy Scheider, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor didn't pull the line out of thin air.

Carl Gottlieb, who co-wrote the screenplay for Jaws, revealed the origin of "You're gonna need a bigger boat" to The Hollywood Reporter in 2016. Filming Jaws on the water made for a troubled production, with the crew working off a barge that carried the equipment and craft services plus a smaller support boat. Crew members complained to producers that this support boat was too small, which was how they coined the soon-to-be-famous phrase.

"[Richard] Zanuck and [David] Brown were very stingy producers, so everyone kept telling them, 'You're gonna need a bigger boat,'" Gottlieb told The Hollywood Reporter. "It became a catchphrase for anytime anything went wrong—if lunch was late or the swells were rocking the camera, someone would say, 'You're gonna need a bigger boat.'"

Scheider eventually picked up the saying and started sneaking it into takes. One of his ad-libs came after his character's first confrontation with the shark, which is also the audience's first good look at the human-eating antagonist following an hour of suspense-building. Scheider's timing and delivery instantly made movie history. "It was so appropriate and so real and it came at the right moment, thanks to Verna Fields's editing," Gottlieb said.

The stories of the making of Jaws have almost become as famous as the film itself. Here are more facts about Steven Spielberg's classic monster movie.

[h/t The Hollywood Reporter]