As we’re approaching the final days leading up to season 3 of Stranger Things, it’s safe to say fans are already coming up with the wildest of theories on what’s to come. And now that the second trailer has been released, we have even more footage to analyze and obsess over. Apart from the trailer (maybe) confirming the popular fan theory that Billy Hargrove will be turned into the new monster, fans are convinced it hints at the death of a major character. No one is safe in Hawkins anymore.

As Express reports, one quick scene in the final trailer shows Nancy Wheeler looking absolutely terrified, and for good reason. The teen is trapped under what appears to be the Mind Flayer, as the monster opens its mouth and growls over her. The scene is cut short, but fans are expecting the worst.

Many are taking to social media to express their fear at what Nancy’s fate could be, replying to the official Stranger Things Twitter page with messages like, “hurt nancy & i hurt u, got it? got it,” and “BRO WHY NANCY.” On the other hand, some are excited at the fact that Nancy is also shown in the trailer cocking a gun, ready to take on whatever threat comes her way. But she might not get far in the end.

A death as big as Nancy’s might seem unreasonable to expect, but the actress who plays her, Natalia Dyer, has warned us that the upcoming season is going to be “scarier” and “darker” than ever before. We certainly shouldn’t expect everyone to survive.

Stranger Things returns for its third season on July 4.