Forget parades, forget fireworks. July 4th isn’t just Independence Day this year, it’s also the release of Stranger Things season 3.

In preparation for the big day, musicMagpie has compiled a list of the most talked-about Stranger Things characters on Twitter. Number 1? Expectedly, it’s Eleven, raking in a total of 1,018,636 tweets. Second place belongs to Will Byers at 794,083; Steve Harrington hits third with 465,510; and Dustin Henderson comes in fourth at 385,663.

But the characters weren’t the only topics that were brought up in Stranger Things Twitter discussions. The number one inanimate object to be tweeted about was Eggos, which is not surprising. The toastable breakfast food gained new popularity in the new world because it’s Eleven’s favorite snack.

Fairy lights (or Christmas lights, as they're known in the U.S.) also made it on the list of favorite things from Stranger Things, with a whopping 62,246 tweets. These became a major focus of season 1 because of how central they were to the Byers home, being the only method for Joyce to communicate with Will following his disappearance.

The third most popular talking point wasn’t an object so much as a movement. “Justice for Barb” reached 24,082 tweets as people clamored for the return of the sweet and loyal character, who vanished too quickly at the hands of the Upside Down.

The last highlight is Steve’s hair, reaching 17,061 tweets. Pretty impressive for a hairdo.

Get ready to return to Hawkins, and Twitter, when Stranger Things returns July 4.