The 10 Best Cities in America to Celebrate the Fourth of July

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The Fourth of July is arguably the holiday most representative of summer. There's outdoor partying, fireworks, barbecues, beer—all mainstays of what summer truly means, each an authentic American pastime in its own way. And according to WalletHub, some U.S. cities celebrate Independence Day better than others.

The site compiled a list ranking the best and worst places to celebrate America's birthday. WalletHub claims this list seeks to help partygoers fully bust out their tiny flags and other buntings without busting their wallets, as Americans tend to dole out some serious cash around Independence Day. The National Retail Federation estimates that households will spend a total of $6.7 billion on food alone for their July 4th festivities. That's approximately $73.30 of food per person, which sounds like one extremely expensive hot dog.

The WalletHub rankings take into account this gastronomical figure, incorporating the price of beer and wine into each city's overall average. Other factors include how good the area's general attractions and activities are; how safe and accessible the city is; how long the fireworks are supposed to last; and how good the weather is projected to be.

So, without further ado, here are WalletHub's 10 best places for celebrating the red, white, and blue (plus an interactive map to see which cities are the worst places to celebrate, and where your town might fall).

  1. New York, New York
  1. Los Angeles, California
  1. San Diego, California
  1. Washington, D.C.
  1. Las Vegas, Nevada
  1. Dallas, Texas
  1. Atlanta, Georgia
  1. Chicago, Illinois
  1. San Francisco, California
  1. St. Louis, Missouri

Source: WalletHub