New Stranger Things Fan Theory Suggests Some Major Characters Could Be Leaving Hawkins

Netflix / Netflix

With just one week to go until Stranger Things returns for its third season, it’s crunch time to analyze every inch of the trailers, posters, and interviews, as well as get in all our fan theories online. Despite knowing that the Hawkins gang is growing up and the dangers of the Upside Down are coming back, we’re still in the dark regarding a lot of the upcoming season’s plot. But according to SYFY WIRE, one Reddit user thinks they know a major element of what’s to come, and it involves the relocation of a central family.

Redditor TheHairyManrilla posted a comment in a thread discussing the first season 3 trailer, noting that a scene shows Will Byers crying while looking at a photo of his tight-knit group of friends. This paired with the fact that Jim Hopper is heard telling someone that he wants them “to feel like this place can still be [their] home,” as the shot cuts to Joyce Byers, gives the fan reason to believe that at least two members of the Byers family could be leaving Hawkins. “I'm guessing Joyce is planning to move away with at least Will,” they write.

Considering everything the Byers have been through, a change of scenery would be a smart idea. And Redditors in the thread agreed with the user’s theory. One responded, “Yea I saw that too and [M]ike is looking back at what looks like the empty [B]yers home,” while another added, “Bob suggested moving to Maine last season, and with the mall coming and threatening her job, it probably just makes sense.”

It’s not certain that moving would even keep Will from the Mind Flayer or the potential new monster of the Upside Down, however, if he’s still hanging out with the crew. It’s also important to note that Noah Schnapp, the actor behind Will, shot down the idea that his character will have an easier time in season 3. “I don’t think anyone in our show ever gets a break, that’s kind of what it’s about,” the 14-year-old actor said. “So I can't really say I get to just relax by the beach.”

We’ll see what Joyce decides is best for her family when Stranger Things returns on July 4.