Rupert Grint on Harry Potter Fame: 'I Think I Lost Myself a Bit Along the Way'

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images / Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Rupert Grint, best known for portraying Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movie franchise, spoke out about the stresses of fame while making an appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in England last weekend.

Grint, now 30, said that he almost came to the festival rocking an elaborate look to keep his identity a secret. “I considered coming to Glastonbury in disguise, like I used to," Grint told The Sun. "I was going to bring my beekeeping outfit because I’m into beekeeping lately. It’s good for the environment."

The actor then got serious about the effects of childhood fame, saying it’s difficult to recall his pre-Harry Potter days. "I struggle to remember life before it," he said. "I think I lost myself a bit along the way. With the fame, you’re almost being the character even when you're not in character. From the moment I got the part, my life completely changed."

While playing Ron, Grint found that being in the spotlight for a decade made it difficult to participate in life normally. "It was a weird time and it has taken me a long while to process. Just being invisible can still be difficult."

Grint recalled a time when he was in Tokyo with co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, and they were chased by young fans. "It was terrifying, absolutely mad," he said. "I’d never seen anything like it. We were at a market, and we timed it very badly, school had just finished and there was literally a stampede toward us. It was the first time I’ve ever run away."

Despite the trying moments that came with starring in a franchise as big as Harry Potter, Grint doesn’t have to worry about his finances; he claimed late last year that he “couldn't even really guess” how much money he has. We hope he doesn’t have any regrets about taking on the role.

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