Relax and Fidget at the Same Time With This Weighted Blanket That Features a Built-In Fidget Toy

Secūr / Secūr
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The weighted blanket, a sleep accessory originally designed to calm anxious kids, has proven popular with stressed-out adults as well. A new relaxation system called Secūr combines the deep pressure therapy of weighted blankets with fidgeting—another form of stimulation many anxious people find soothing.

Secūr debuted on Kickstarter on June 30, and within 24 hours it had already raised 50 percent of its $10,000 funding goal. The first part of the set is the weighted blanket. Each quilted diamond in the blanket is filled with tiny glass beads to distribute weight evenly, resulting in a comforter that envelopes the owner and makes them feel secure. It comes with a 100-percent-cotton duvet cover that's soft on the skin and totally machine-washable. You can either use the full-sized blanket, which comes in 10-pound, 15-pound, or 20-pound weights and is big enough to cover your whole body, or opt for the 5-pound travel blanket, which is the perfect size to drape over your lap or shoulders at work, in the car, or on a plane.


The second component of the Secūr system is a "hand home" for restless hands. The soft cloth tube is filled with the same beads as the blanket—but instead of letting them weighing you down, you're encouraged to knead and pinch them whenever you have the urge to fidget. You can keep the hand home by your bed or couch and use it when you need something to do with your hands after a long day, or bring it with you on trips to ease travel anxieties.

The hand home fidget sleeve is available for a pledge of $29, and the 10-pound blanket can be reserved with a pledge of $104. The full Secūr system—which includes the sleeve, a 10-pound blanket and cover, and the travel-sized blanket—is available on Kickstarter for a pledge of $199 or more. If the campaign meets its funding goal by July 31, orders will be shipped by September 2019.

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