Mini Boden Is Launching a Harry Potter-Inspired Clothing Line for Kids

Boden / Boden
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Adult Harry Potter fans who want to fill their homes and wardrobes with swag inspired by J.K. Rowling's magical books have plenty of options. Recently, Target rolled out a line of clothing and home goods taken from the boy wizard's universe. But readers who grew up with books in the 1990s and 2000s aren't the only fans of the series. For the all the young Potterheads out there, Boden is releasing a stylish collection of Harry Potter-themed apparel.

The Mini Boden Harry Potter line includes dresses, shirts, and sweaters that would fit right into the Wizarding World. Striking design details—like embroidery, color-changing sequins, and intricate appliqués—help bring imagery from the book series to life. Aspiring Hogwarts students can rock a skirt embellished with the castle beneath a starry night sky, or a Hedwig cardigan with fluffy versions of Harry's snowy owl knitted on each sleeve.

The collection is designed for wearers up to age 16. For the youngest Potter fans, the line includes a onesie with Harry's iconic glasses and lightning bolt scar, as well as apparel in the various Hogwarts' house colors. Each of the 81 pieces was designed in-house by Mini Boden in partnership with Warner Bros.

Muggles can look for the Mini Boden collection when it launches on August 5, 2019. Pictures of most items are being kept under wraps until then, but this teaser video should give you an idea of what to expect.