Target Unveils Wheelchair-Adaptive Halloween Costumes for Kids

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Every year around Halloween, pictures of epic homemade costumes that incorporate wheelchairs make the rounds on the web. For many children in wheelchairs and their families, going the do-it-yourself route is their only option if they want to go all out for the holiday. Target is changing that by adding costumes designed for young wheelchair users to its 2019 Halloween line, CNN reports.

The two new adaptive costumes are part of Target's Hyde and Eek! Boutique collection. The first includes a set of pirate ship chair covers to go with an existing pirate costume. The package comes with a swirling sea design for the wheels and a Jolly Roger flag for the back of the chair. The pirate outfit itself features an opening in the back and wide pant legs for easy dressing and undressing.


The second set of wheelchair accessories is designed to complement Target's princess costume. The covers can be attached to the sides of a wheelchair to turn it into a purple princess carriage. Like the pirate costume, the princess dress opens in the back. Both covers can be trimmed with scissors to fit any chair and secured with a simple hook-and-loop system.

The new wheelchair options are just the latest efforts from the brand to offer more accessible clothing choices to kids. Target already sells items without uncomfortable tags and seams to accommodate children who suffer from sensory overload. Costumes with these design features will also be included in the Hyde and Eek! Boutique line this Halloween season.

Each wheelchair cover set costs $45, and is sold separately from its matching costume. You can shop all accessible kids Halloween costumes at Target's online store.

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