The Faces Behind 10 Disney Princes


Being a Disney prince might not be all it's cracked up to be. The ladies typically get all the glory, while you're relegated to a line or two of harmony in a ballad—and some don't even get that (looking at you, Eric). Nonetheless, there are some talented actors behind those roles; we put a face to 10 of them.

1. Prince Charming // Cinderella


Though Bill Phipps is primarily known for his work in the sci-fi and western genres, he certainly made his mark on the world of animation as the voice of Prince Charming. He didn’t provide the prince’s singing voice, however—that honor went to Mike Douglas, the same Mike Douglas who later helmed his own popular talk show. 

2. Aladdin // Aladdin


Better known to many as D.J.’s boyfriend Steve for several seasons of Full House, Scott Weinger was also the speaking voice for everyone’s favorite street rat. But he didn’t do the singing, either—that was Brad Kane

The Full House folks even managed to work a little nod to Weinger’s “side gig” into an episode where the Tanners go to the Magic Kingdom.

3. Prince Adam // Beauty and the Beast


Those of us who grew up on Beauty and the Beast probably didn’t realize it, but Robby Benson was a teen idol from the ‘70s after starring in Ice Castles and Ode to Billy Joe. He continues to provide the voice of the Beast for various Disney projects.

4. Prince Naveen // Princess and the Frog


If this guy looks more like a doctor than a prince, then you were probably a fan of Nip/Tuck or E.R.—Bruno Campos played a doctor on both shows (Dr. Quentin Costa and Dr. Eddie Dorset, respectively). 

5. Prince Hans // Frozen


We can all agree that Hans (of the Southern Isles) isn’t the friendly, charming prince that we find in most Disney movies, but nonetheless, he is a prince. Santino Fontana plays Hans, and it’s not his first role as a prince, either—he also played Prince Topher in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Broadway, which earned him a Tony nomination. You can catch him as Greg on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

6. Prince Eric // The Little Mermaid


Get ready to have your minds blown, because Ariel’s beloved Prince Eric is also (movie) Greg Brady.
We have actor Christopher Daniel Barnes to thank for both of them. 

7. Li-Shang // Mulan


While Li-Shang isn’t technically a prince, Mulan has official “Disney Princess” status, so I’m including her love interest—even though that’s kind of a touchy topic

Li-Shang’s speaking voice is B.D. Wong, known for his roles in Law & Order: SVU and Oz, but also the Father of the Bride remake. And Shang’s singing voice is none other than Donny Osmond. 

8. Prince Philip // Sleeping Beauty


Veteran actor and Broadway producer Bill Shirley is the tenor behind Prince Philip, for both speaking and singing. And in case you needed a refresher, here’s what he sounded like:

9. Prince Charming // Snow White


Meet Harry Stockwell, AKA Snow White’s Prince Charming. He was also the lead role in the Broadway production of Oklahoma!, and the father of actors Dean and Guy Stockwell. In a way, you can say that Prince Charming was the father of Al from Quantum Leap.

10. Flynn Rider // Tangled


Chuck is Flynn Rider! You probably already knew that, but it still delights me that Zachary Levi voiced rakish con artist Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert. I know what you’re thinking, but Flynn and Rapunzel do eventually get married, which makes him a prince, or at least something sort of like one.