8 Lifehacks for Your Big Night Out!

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Having fun is easy, but making a great impression on new pals can be even easier with these delightfully simple lifehacks.

1. Cure Garlic Breath

Few of us can resist a delicious plate of pre-meal garlic bread, but there are consequences. The stinky breath that results doesn’t just keep vampires away; garlic can keep your date from getting closer, too. Don’t worry, though! There’s an easy trick for taming those pungent sulphides and curing garlic breath: just order some green tea after your meal. It works because the polyphenols in the beverage act like a team of little ninjas, attacking and deodorizing the offensive chemical bits. A mere cup will leave your breath mercifully stink-free!

2. Dry Nails Faster

Running late to your event, but still want to get your nails done? Here’s a simple lifehack for drying your nails in under three minutes. Once you’ve applied your nail polish, dip your hands into a bowl of icy cold water and hold them there for two to three minutes. The cold water will shock the polish into drying super fast.

3. Fix Your Collar

Unless you’ve got a Jeeves to press your shirts perfectly for you, dealing with wrinkled collars can be a real hassle. If the rest of your shirt looks crumple-free, skip the iron and borrow a hair-straightener. Just a few seconds of clamping the beauty tool to your collar’s edges can make the wrinkles disappear and have you on your way without all the hassle of an iron, an ironing board, or the painful reminder that you should have paid more attention in home ec.

4. Stop Unbuttered Popcorn Syndrome

Movie goers are pretty much in agreement on one thing: the butter dispensers at the multiplex aren’t great at distributing butter evenly on your popcorn. So, how do you solve the frustration of Unbuttered Popcorn Syndrome? With a straw. Simply jam a straw into the butter dispenser, and aim it at different angles to make sure every kernel gets its fair share.

5. Hit the High Notes

Part of the fun of karaoke is letting loose and singing badly. But if you’re eager to impress, here’s how to hit those out-of-range high notes. Before you sing, look around the room for something with a little heft-- a carafe full of water, a potted plant, the telephone book for ordering pizza-- and then lift it as you sing. The weight will make your body tense, which in turn will force your larynx to stretch a little, the key to landing those super high notes. Who knew channeling your inner Mariah could be so easy?

6. Be a Better Listener (by Using the Correct Ear)

While ears may look equal, and we may treat them equal, they’ve got different talents. If you’re trying to hear the words of a low-talker or a mumbly new acquaintance, lean in with the right. Research from UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine has shown that the right ear is better at deciphering quick patterns of speech. Meanwhile, if you’re trying to identify a song playing faintly in the background, lead with your left-- the more musical of the pair.

7. Cure Ice Cream Headaches

Ice cream headaches are the worst! Ask any lover of frosty treats what happens when you pack ice cream into your mouth too quickly, and he or she will bemoan the brain freeze condition. But how do you stop a late night attack from happening when you’re out trying to impress friends? It’s easy! Ice cream headaches occur when something icy cold hits the roof of your mouth causing the blood vessels up there to constrict rapidly. Instead of crumpling up your face and grabbing your head, you can stop the head freeze by simply warming up those vessels again. That means, you could take a sip of hot tea or coffee for some quick relief. But an even faster, more convenient hack is to jam your tongue against the roof of your mouth and hold it there until the pain has melted away.

8. Use a Soundcheck to Watch Your Wallet

Scientists have recently found that people in noisy clubs, restaurants and bars down more beverages than people in more low-key environments. If you’re worried about spending too much on a night out, avoid the thumping bass and move somewhere where you can hear the people around you without straining. Not only will your ears thank you; your wallet will too!

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