Deal Alert: You Can Get 20% Off Harry Potter-Themed Subscription Boxes This Week


The deal: Use the code HBDHARRY on Cratejoy to get 20 percent off Harry Potter-themed subscription boxes.

The significance of Harry Potter’s birthday in the classic J.K. Rowling series goes beyond just being the day he was born—it’s also the day that Hagrid rather memorably breaks down the door of the Dursleys’ tiny island shack in order to hand-deliver Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter, jump-starting the legendary magical journey that we can’t seem to stop talking about even decades later.

Diehard fans know that day is July 31, but you don’t have to be a Hermione-inspired know-it-all (and we mean that in a good way) to take advantage of the sale Cratejoy is throwing in honor of Harry's birthday. The subscription box site is offering 20 percent off these three enchanting Harry Potter subscription services from now through Thursday, August 1:

GeekGear; $18 to $55 ($15 to $44 With Discount)

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GeekGear offers four Potter-themed subscription boxes that vary in price and contents. There’s the WIZARDRY Wands Subscription, where you can build an awe-inspiring collection of handcrafted wands with a new one each month, along with a wand box and a card detailing your wand’s length, core, and wood type. Then there’s the regular WIZARDRY Subscription, which guarantees a T-shirt, exclusive print, and four additional trademarked Harry Potter and/or Fantastic Beasts products.

The WIZARDRY Wearable Subscription is ideal for those who love to flaunt their fanaticism through fashion—you’ll get two T-shirts per month, plus one other surprise apparel item, which could be a jumper, hoodie, long-sleeved T-shirt, jewelry, scarf, hat, or something else. The last (and priciest) box is the WIZARDRY Special Edition Subscription, which comes every two months and includes one T-shirt, one other apparel item, an exclusive premium artwork, and three other surprise products.

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Wicks + Words; $15 to $25 ($12 to $20 With Discount)

The Story Box series from Wicks + Words comes in two sizes: Mini and Deluxe. Each Mini Story Box contains three 4-ounce Harry Potter-inspired candles in glass jars, a collectible story card, and one or two additional goodies like bookmarks or art. The Deluxe Story Box includes two 8-ounce candles, one 4-ounce candle, a coffee mug, a story card, and two surprise goodies. The candles are made of all-natural, plant-based waxes, and the story cards give a little sneak peek of what happens next in the story. If the Harry Potter boxes leave you eager for more magical content, you can also check out the Lord of the Rings Mini and Deluxe Story Boxes.

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Caffeine and Legends; $33 ($26 With Discount)

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The Caffeine and Legends creators understand that nothing pairs with a good fantasy novel quite like a steaming mug of coffee or tea (ideally in a chintz armchair by the fire in the Gryffindor common room). Each month you’ll get a new fantasy novel, 8 ounces of coffee or tea (your choice), and “at least one bonus item related to books, coffee, or the theme of the month.”

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Check them all out on Cratejoy, and don't forget to use the code HBDHARRY to get your 20 percent discount.

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The ChopBox Smart Cutting Board Has a Food Scale, Timer, and Knife Sharper Built Right Into It


When it comes to furnishing your kitchen with all of the appliances necessary to cook night in and night out, you’ll probably find yourself running out of counter space in a hurry. The ChopBox, which is available on Indiegogo and dubs itself “The World’s First Smart Cutting Board,” looks to fix that by cramming a bunch of kitchen necessities right into one cutting board.

In addition to giving you a knife-resistant bamboo surface to slice and dice on, the ChopBox features a built-in digital scale that weighs up to 6.6 pounds of food, a nine-hour kitchen timer, and two knife sharpeners. It also sports a groove on its surface to catch any liquid runoff that may be produced by the food and has a second pull-out cutting board that doubles as a serving tray.

There’s a 254nm UVC light featured on the board, which the company says “is guaranteed to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria" after a minute of exposure. If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to cleanliness, the ChopBox is completely waterproof (but not dishwasher-safe) so you can wash and scrub to your heart’s content without worry. 

According to the company, a single one-hour charge will give you 30 days of battery life, and can be recharged through a Micro USB port.

The ChopBox reached its $10,000 crowdfunding goal just 10 minutes after launching its campaign, but you can still contribute at different tiers. Once it’s officially released, the ChopBox will retail for $200, but you can get one for $100 if you pledge now. You can purchase the ChopBox on Indiegogo here.

Mental Floss has affiliate relationships with certain retailers and may receive a small percentage of any sale. But we choose all products independently and only get commission on items you buy and don't return, so we're only happy if you're happy. Thanks for helping us pay the bills!

Stanley's Insulated Coffee Mugs Ensure Your Drink Remains Hot (or Iced) All Day Long

Stanley's Master Unbreakable Trigger-Action Mug (left) and Go Tumbler (right).
Stanley's Master Unbreakable Trigger-Action Mug (left) and Go Tumbler (right).

Having a designated workspace in your home office is necessary for maintaining focus throughout the day, but if you really want to stay razor-sharp, you'll need a dependable cup of coffee by your side. With Stanley's line of insulated mugs, you can keep your coffee—hot or iced—at the ideal temperature all throughout the workday, so you won't have to soldier through another sip of a lukewarm disappointment.

The line is highlighted by Stanley's 24-ounce Go Tumbler ($26), which has a splash-proof lid that can help prevent unfortunate spills wherever you happen to be working. Made with stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation, this tumbler is built to keep your coffee hot for up to six hours or cold for up to 40 hours.

The Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug from Stanley.
The Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug

The Classic Trigger-Action Mug ($23) has a push-button lid that’s easy to open. Like the Go Tumbler, it has double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps beverages hot for up to seven hours or ice-cold for up to 30 hours.

Stanley also offers the Master Unbreakable Trigger-Action Mug ($50), which boasts similar insulation and is made with the thickest stainless steel currently on the market, according to the company. All three models are safe to go in the dishwasher, so you'll have one less thing in your kitchen to worry about.

Now that you have the perfect mug, make sure you’re filling it with a great cup of coffee. Here are 11 tips on how to brew better coffee at home.

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