Deal Alert: You Can Get 20% Off Harry Potter-Themed Subscription Boxes This Week


The deal: Use the code HBDHARRY on Cratejoy to get 20 percent off Harry Potter-themed subscription boxes.

The significance of Harry Potter’s birthday in the classic J.K. Rowling series goes beyond just being the day he was born—it’s also the day that Hagrid rather memorably breaks down the door of the Dursleys’ tiny island shack in order to hand-deliver Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter, jump-starting the legendary magical journey that we can’t seem to stop talking about even decades later.

Diehard fans know that day is July 31, but you don’t have to be a Hermione-inspired know-it-all (and we mean that in a good way) to take advantage of the sale Cratejoy is throwing in honor of Harry's birthday. The subscription box site is offering 20 percent off these three enchanting Harry Potter subscription services from now through Thursday, August 1:

GeekGear; $18 to $55 ($15 to $44 With Discount)

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GeekGear offers four Potter-themed subscription boxes that vary in price and contents. There’s the WIZARDRY Wands Subscription, where you can build an awe-inspiring collection of handcrafted wands with a new one each month, along with a wand box and a card detailing your wand’s length, core, and wood type. Then there’s the regular WIZARDRY Subscription, which guarantees a T-shirt, exclusive print, and four additional trademarked Harry Potter and/or Fantastic Beasts products.

The WIZARDRY Wearable Subscription is ideal for those who love to flaunt their fanaticism through fashion—you’ll get two T-shirts per month, plus one other surprise apparel item, which could be a jumper, hoodie, long-sleeved T-shirt, jewelry, scarf, hat, or something else. The last (and priciest) box is the WIZARDRY Special Edition Subscription, which comes every two months and includes one T-shirt, one other apparel item, an exclusive premium artwork, and three other surprise products.

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Wicks + Words; $15 to $25 ($12 to $20 With Discount)

The Story Box series from Wicks + Words comes in two sizes: Mini and Deluxe. Each Mini Story Box contains three 4-ounce Harry Potter-inspired candles in glass jars, a collectible story card, and one or two additional goodies like bookmarks or art. The Deluxe Story Box includes two 8-ounce candles, one 4-ounce candle, a coffee mug, a story card, and two surprise goodies. The candles are made of all-natural, plant-based waxes, and the story cards give a little sneak peek of what happens next in the story. If the Harry Potter boxes leave you eager for more magical content, you can also check out the Lord of the Rings Mini and Deluxe Story Boxes.

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Caffeine and Legends; $33 ($26 With Discount)

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The Caffeine and Legends creators understand that nothing pairs with a good fantasy novel quite like a steaming mug of coffee or tea (ideally in a chintz armchair by the fire in the Gryffindor common room). Each month you’ll get a new fantasy novel, 8 ounces of coffee or tea (your choice), and “at least one bonus item related to books, coffee, or the theme of the month.”

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Check them all out on Cratejoy, and don't forget to use the code HBDHARRY to get your 20 percent discount.

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Kodak’s New Cameras Don't Just Take Photos—They Also Print Them

Your Instagram account wishes it had this clout.
Your Instagram account wishes it had this clout.

Snapping a photo and immediately sharing it on social media is definitely convenient, but there’s still something so satisfying about having the printed photo—like you’re actually holding the memory in your hands. Kodak’s new STEP cameras now offer the best of both worlds.

As its name implies, the Kodak STEP Instant Print Digital Camera, available for $70 on Amazon, lets you take a picture and print it out on that very same device. Not only do you get to skip the irksome process of uploading photos to your computer and printing them on your bulky, non-portable printer (or worse yet, having to wait for your local pharmacy to print them for you), but you never need to bother with ink cartridges or toner, either. The Kodak STEP comes with special 2-inch-by-3-inch printing paper inlaid with color crystals that bring your image to life. There’s also an adhesive layer on the back, so you can easily stick your photos to laptop covers, scrapbooks, or whatever else could use a little adornment.

There's a 10-second self-timer, so you don't have to ask strangers to take your group photos.Kodak

For those of you who want to give your photos some added flair, you might like the Kodak STEP Touch, available for $130 from Amazon. It’s similar to the regular Kodak STEP, but the LCD touch screen allows you to edit your photos before you print them; you can also shoot short videos and even share your content straight to social media.

If you want to print photos from your smartphone gallery, there's the Kodak STEP Instant Mobile Photo Printer. This portable $80 printer connects to any iOS or Android device with Bluetooth capabilities and can print whatever photos you send to it.

The Kodak STEP Instant Mobile Photo Printer connects to an app that allows you to add filters and other effects to your photos. Kodak

All three Kodak STEP devices come with some of that magical printer paper, but you can order additional refills, too—a 20-sheet set costs $8 on Amazon.

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These Blue Light Glasses Can Help Protect Your Eyes From Your Phone and Computer Screens


You’ve probably read all about the correlation between insomnia and the digital blue light emitted from phones, computer screens, and televisions. And while it's a good idea to limit your exposure to blue light at night, you'll also want to limit it as much as possible all day long. For that, you can pick up a pair of blue light glasses, like the kind put out by Swanwick.

What is blue light?

For those who aren’t familiar, blue light is exactly what it sounds like. It's the blue section of the visible light spectrum, between 380 nm and 500 nm. During the day, exposure to natural blue light is a good thing; it helps tell your brain that it’s time to be awake, thus boosting attention, reaction times, and mood. However, exposure to blue light at night has been shown by numerous studies to suppress the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that signals to your brain that it is time to power down for the night, according to the Harvard Health Publishing blog.

This can throw off your circadian rhythm, which is the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, and can lead to occasional and sometimes chronic insomnia. But even outside of nighttime hours, there's evidence that excessive blue light exposure, especially from screens, could potentially be harmful to the eyes and speed up age-related macular degeneration.

Needless to say, humans are exposed to more blue light than ever before. According to one recent poll, the average American spends 42 percent of their waking hours looking at a screen. That works out to roughly six hours and 43 minutes looking at phones, tablets, laptops, and television every single day. And 79 percent of respondents said their screentime had increased over the last five years.

How blue light glasses work

Unfortunately, making significant cuts to screentime is probably not an option for most people, but blue light glasses can help block the light from your eyes. Day Swannies, by Swanwick, are specifically designed to be worn any time you are using devices with screens during daylight hours. Because we all need some blue light to help regulate our sleep-wake cycle, Day Swannies do not block out all blue light. Instead, they only block 42-80 percent of blue light between 400-450 nm, and 22-42 percent of blue light between 450-500 nm.

Day Swannies currently come in eight different models with different size and color options, so you are guaranteed to find a pair that suits your personal style. These include models designed specifically for kids, for reading, and for prescriptions. Regardless of the model, all Day Swannies have CR-39 lenses, which means they are made from a prescription-grade material that allows for maximum optical clarity. And all styles block 100 percent of UV light. You can get more details here.

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