35 Awesome Halloween Costumes for Senior Citizens

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You don't have to be a child begging for candy, or a student trying to impress friends at a costume contest, to enjoy dressing up in costume! Halloween gives us all permission to have a little fun by being something we aren't, no matter what age you are. We've rounded up some older folks who know how to do it right. Me? Hey, even though I am now officially eligible for a Senior Discount, I'll probably just spend Halloween handing out candy. But if I had a little extra time, I might make a costume like these folks to wear while I'm greeting those trick-or-treaters. They are inspiring!

1. Wonder Woman

Redditor popofcolor ordered a Wonder Woman costume online, and found it was a little too big. However it fit her grandmother just fine -and she looks "Wonder"-ful!

2-3. The Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter

Heather’s Dad threw a Halloween costume party for friends and family in 2011, and her grandparents made the most of it. Here they are as the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter.

4. The Silent Knight

Redditor thebobsta’s grandpa made his own Halloween costume out of building materials in his shop. Not only did it turn out to be awesome, but the title gives us a little preview of Christmas dad jokes.

5. Super Mamika

French photographer Sacha Goldberger took a fanciful series of photographs of his grandmother Frederika in a super hero costume. She was 91 years old at the time, and Goldberger wanted to cheer her up. It worked! The photos gave “Mamika” a new hobby, and she became her grandson's favorite model. In 2010, the photos went viral because everyone loved to see Mamika as a superhero. You can see the rest of the series here, a Star Wars photo shoot from 2012 here, and more photos at Mamika’s MySpace gallery.

6. Venture Brothers

Redditor seniorfart wanted a Venture Brothers costume a couple of years ago. His grandmother was nice enough to make one for him, and his grandfather was kind enough to model it for a picture!

7-8. Popeye and Olive Oyl

Olive Oyl and Popeye are looking pretty spry in their old age! It must be the spinach. DTJAAAAM (David Ngo) spotted this couple at Emerald City Comic Con last spring. You’re never too old for cosplay!

9-10. Mario and Princess Peach

Mario still has his Princess, and they’re still smiling after all these years. Google Images has 211 copies of this photograph, and I’ve yet to find one that identifies them.

11. Pirate

Redditor Aeternabilis tells us her grandmother has an awesome sense of humor. After her leg was amputated last year, she came up with the perfect Halloween costume.

12-14. Willie and Friends

The Towers Nursing Home in Smithville, Texas, held a Halloween costume competition a couple of years ago. The winners, Hugo “Hook” Hoffman as Willie Nelson, Lera Javor the pirate, and Billie Wright as Dorothy, rocked their costumes!

15-18. Kiss

This group costume for an office party won the costume contest! Redditor Fsgid says his grandmother is one of them, but it’s hard to tell which one under all that Kiss makeup.

19. Charlie Chaplin

Miranda Cosgrove's (iCarly) grandmother won a costume contest in her Charlie Chaplin getup.

20. Na’vi

Redditor morralicia08 dressed as a Na'vi from the movie Avatar last Halloween. Not too long afterward, her Grandma decided to try it on. Grandpa looks thoroughly amused by it!

21-22. Luke and Leia

The Eitings went trick-or-treating with their grandchildren Henry and Ruby while visiting from across the country a couple of years ago. They went all out, renting the appropriate Star Wars costumes for the occasion!

23-28. Red Hat Ladies

The women of the Red Hat Society are always ready for dress up, whatever the occasion, although they tend to keep to the purple-with-a-red-hat theme. These ladies are showing off their finery at the Red Hat Arabian Extravaganza In Canada. But it's a stretch to say they are "older"; you only need to be 50 to join!

29. The Mayor of Townsville

Redditor Kristin_Ols23 posted this photograph of her 91-year-old grandfather. His costume for this Halloween is the Mayor of Townsville from the animated TV show The Powerpuff Girls.

30-32. The Wizard of Oz

Sadie Makena Milnes celebrated her third birthday with a Wizard of Oz-themed party! Her great-aunt Anne Thorne and great-grandparents Gene and Clare Thorne showed up in costume to complete Dorothy’s travel group. This picture was submitted to the Kansas City Star’s Wizard of Oz gallery by Terri and Charley Kilgore.

33. Heisenberg

Redditor theoutlet told how his father, a retired high school chemistry teacher, fought cancer. He is in remission now, and dressed up for Halloween as the most logical character imaginable: Walter White, the cancer-stricken former chemistry teacher-turned-drug manufacturer from Breaking Bad. To complete the act, theoutlet accompanied him as Jesse Pinkman.

34. Darth Grandma

Redditor yellowcakecone is making costumes for an entire office party. Grandma inquired about the theme, and ended up modeling one of the costumes in progress.

35. Old Man

But every once in a while, you find out you've been wearing a Halloween costume all year and didn't even know it! It happened to redditor LiarInGlass's uncle, who found that he was a mass-produced costume.

Bonus: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Well, now I’m going to stop counting, because we’re getting way past 35. Senior Living Communities is a chain of retirement homes with facilities in several states. They came together to produce an 18-month calendar featuring residents recreating their favorite movies, TV shows, and album covers. Proceeds go to the various communities’ local charities. If you order one through their website, you can designate which charity your purchase will support. You’ll also get a chance to see all 18 photographs that appear on the calendar. See, it doesn’t have to be Halloween to be a good time to dress up and have fun, no matter what your age!

Monster Dance Party

This lip dub to "The Monster Mash" was performed by residents of the Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield, Virginia. Here's to hoping we are all able to keep dancing well into our retirements!