Mondo Releases Special Jaws-Themed Products in Honor of Shark Week

Mondo / Mondo
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As Discovery Channel viewers spend Shark Week watching ocean documentaries and real-life tales of shark attack survival, Mondo is marking the occasion in a different way. The apparel and collectibles company has dubbed the week Jaws Week, and it's celebrating with a special collection of Jaws-themed products.

A vinyl album, a poster, and enamel pins inspired by Steven Spielberg's maritime monster movie are now being sold through the Mondo store. It's hard to top the iconography of the original Jaws poster, but the artwork below is a worthy alternative. Designed by Mark Smith, it features a crowd of beachgoers fleeing the water, leaving the large red title Jaws and the bloody trunks of an unfortunate swimmer in their wake. The 24-by-36-inch screen-printed poster costs $50, and it will be available to purchase at a random time on Thursday, August 1, from the Mondo store.


Jaws fans who can't think of the movie without hearing John Williams's ominous score now have a chance to own it on vinyl. The album, with artwork by Phantom City Creative (pictured in the top image above), is now available for $35. Mondo is also selling adorable pins featuring Quint, Bruce, and their deadly encounter for $10 each.


All of the special items for Jaws Week are expected to ship within seven to 10 business days. You can find them all at while supplies last.

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