8 Travel Hacks for Your Next Vacation

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Contrary to the saying, getting there is not always half the fun. Don’t let airport hassles, dead phones, and suitcase disasters get in your way. Instead, try these convenient travel hacks to make your vacation the relaxing trip it should be.

1. Clear your cookies.

It’s not your imagination—the price of that airline ticket really did go up since the last time you checked. Some travel websites place a cookie on your computer that tracks your shopping behavior. After you’ve checked the same flight a few times, it increases the ticket price, hoping to get you to buy before it goes up again. Clear your cookies and check back—you may get your original price.

2. Roll, don’t fold.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Not only is this method a space-saver; rolled clothes also tend to wrinkle less than folded clothes. Win-win!

3. Use a sunscreen bottle as a decoy.

Channel your inner spy and create an incognito spot for money, keys, credit cards, and other small valuables. Just clean out an old lotion or sunscreen bottle and place the items inside. Thieves won’t be interested in your SPF 25.

4. Forget a charger? Check the TV.

Many Smart TVs have a USB port so users can plug in flash drives for slideshows and other media uses. If you have the cord but not the charger, check the TV in your hotel room for a port. They don’t all work for charging devices, but in a pinch, it’s worth a shot.

5. Cling wrap can save your whole suitcase.

You’ve likely experienced the horror of unzipping a suitcase to find that some sort of gooey, slimy toiletry has leaked all over the majority of your possessions. Stop that from happening—open each of your toiletries, put a small square of cling wrap across the bottle opening, and then screw the lid back on. You’re guaranteed to be leak-free when you reach your destination!

6. Be the airport outlet hero.

You know how all airports seem to have a single, elusive power outlet available for public use? Be a hero to the people camped out next to it waiting for their turn to charge: Bring a power splitter with multiple inputs.

7. Brighten up your bags.

If you have that same, nondescript, neutral-colored suitcase that 87 percent of other travelers seem to have, do something to make yours stand out. Attach a bright scarf, ribbon, or strip of fabric to the handle of your luggage to make it easier to spot when it’s circling the carousel at baggage claim. Alternatively, stick some colored duct tape to each side.

8. A shower cap can protect your suitcase.

Don’t just throw your shoes in your suitcase on the way back—the dirty soles will get your clothes messy. Instead, pop them in a plastic shower cap (complimentary at many hotels!) first.

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