One ampersand item in your apartment is charming; two is a trend. We already had a medium-sized tin ampersand from the Brooklyn Fort Greene Flea Market, so when I brought home the amazing, over-sized, light-up one above, I started saying our apartment was ampersand-themed—and my boyfriend started saying we probably have enough ampersands. Since you can never have enough ampersands—or other tangible expressions of your love of language—I decided to seek out a few more great gifts for logophiles and grammar nerds.

1. Typography Pint Glasses, $42

For when you're feeling excited, inclusive, inquisitive, or additional—and also thirsty.

2. Cheese & Crackers Serving Board, $48

I'm confident I could sneak one more ampersand into the house if it came full of cheesy goodness.

3. Three Scrabble Letter Pillow Cases, $55

You can buy any number of cases giving you the option to spell out any word you can think of.

4. "Symbol" Coaster Set, $42

The aesthetically awesome ampersand makes another appearance! Along with some more internet-prevalent punctuation marks.

5. Tabisso Typographia Lamps and Chairs

I know that if I have to ask how much these high-fashion items from the French furniture designer are, I probably can't afford them. But for a statement piece that literally says something, I'm not sure they can be beat.

6. Wood Punctuation Bookend Set, $24.99

Is it too much to say that you can support your literary collection with the physical embodiment of the symbols that give language structure?

7. Dictionary iPhone 5 Wallet, $85

I'm sure there's a dictionary app you can get, too.

8. Lorem Ipsum Necklace, $22


There are plenty of necklaces out there featuring words like "love" and "hope," but this might be the only one dedicated to dummy text. The nonsensical Latin phrase is a common placeholder for magazine copy, making it a great gift for your favorite editor.

9. Tattly Air Quotes, $5

Typographic tattoos are all the rage, but before you commit to getting inked, take your favorite punctuation mark for a test drive with these temporary tattoos.

10. Bad Grammar Mug, $12.50

Grammar elitism is significantly more charming if it's punny.

11. A Diagrammatical Dissertation on Opening Lines of Notable Novels, $29

Pop Chart Lab

This is not our first time featuring this Pop Chart Lab print, but it's a great way to display your love for even the finer parts of grammatical accuracy.

12. Vintage Typewriter Interrobang Cufflinks, $80

Guys don't get a lot of options when it comes to accessorizing, with cufflinks leading the slim pickings in terms of classiness. The vintage typewriter interrobang keys add a touch of whimsy to the stuffy suit staple.

13. Gourmet Grammarian Plate Set, $50

These plates take your love of correct grammar seriously, featuring no-nonsense explanations of some of English's most frequently misused bits of language.

14. Ampersand Rose Gold Bracelet, $33

In case anyone reading this is also in the market for a gift for me.

15. Antique Question Mark Ring, $2650

For the lady in your life who really, really loves punctuation marks. And whom you really, really love.