Stranger Things fans who have long wanted to experience the Upside Down for themselves will soon have their chance. On August 16, Atlanta Movie Tours, which regularly hosts tours of The Walking Dead shooting locations and the house where Gone With the Wind was written, is adding a new event to its roster: the Atlanta Upside Down Tour.

The three-and-a-half-hour bus tour will provide Stranger Things fans with up-close looks at places like the Upside Down, Hopper’s Cabin (which was recently turned into an escape room), the Hawkins Police Station, and the Palace Arcade.

Fans will also be able to visit filming sites that were integral to the survival of our favorite characters, including Benny’s Burgers, where Eleven hid out when she escaped from Hawkins Lab in season 1. Here, guests will get the chance to refuel with plates of waffles and bacon.

The tour also stops by the farm used for Merrill’s pumpkin patch, where rotting pumpkins led to the discovery of the Upside Down. These are just a few of the many stops made, with fans also getting to enjoy trivia and behind-the-scenes stories about the making of Stranger Things.

Tickets can be purchased now at the Atlanta Movie Tours website.