London’s Patch Plant Hotel Is Like a Kennel for Your House Plants

Patch / Patch

House plants may not require daily walks or annual trips to the vet, but that doesn't make them low-maintenance. Even low-light plants, air plants, and succulents need regular attention in order to thrive. Now, as The Guardian reports, plant owners who won't be home for days or weeks at a time have their own version of a kennel in London where they can leave their vegetal dependents: It's called the Patch Plant Hotel.

Patch, the online indoor plant marketplace, launched its own plant-care service to make life a little easier for busy pet parents. If you live in the London area and you're planning a trip for the near future, head to Patch's website and select the date you wish to drop off your plants and when you'd like to pick them up. While you're vacationing, the hotel's plant-sitters will provide your plants with organic fertilizer, sunlight, and even custom hydration spa treatments.


The best part of the plant boarding service is that it's totally free to use. Sadly, it's only operating from now through September 5, and space is limited to 100 rooms—so everyone who wants to check in their plants may not have the opportunity to do so.

To take part in the limited-time offer, head to the Patch Plant Hotel's website to check the availability. And if you struggle to keep your plants alive even when you're home to care for them, there are resources you can use to nurse your plant back to health.


[h/t The Guardian]