9 Impressive Halloween Costumes from 2014

drinkpipe / drinkpipe

It’s often only after Halloween that we get to see the most brilliant Halloween costumes, because they are made to wear to functions on October 31st. This year, plenty of them were constructed for earlier events that are spread around the holiday season, or else they are modeled and photographed ahead of time. I have no doubt that we’ll see some awesome costumes over the weekend, but here are a few from this year that we’ve already caught a glimpse of.

1. Vending Machine

MoobyTheGoldenCalf’s 11-year-old son wanted to be something unique for Halloween. So Dad made him a vending machine costume. The front has two layers: a clear layer so people can see the goodies inside, and a two-way mirror layer, so the boy can see out, but it appears to be a mirror behind the products to anyone looking in. Otherwise, it’s made of lightweight foam board with battery-operated lights. The coin slot is big enough to insert candy. See more pictures here

2. Earl Hickey and Darnell "Crabman" Turner

Redditors goblackorgohome and TR0YbuttsoupBarnes went with the benefits of their natural appearances to select their Halloween attire, although neither was first to post the picture on the internet. They are Earl and Darnell, characters from the TV show My Name Is Earl. The lottery ticket in the pocket makes the look complete. Compare these guys with the originals.

3. Wayne and Garth

Speaking of going with the benefits of your natural appearance, this photo of an unidentified but definitely female Wayne and Garth showed up on reddit just a couple of days ago. Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth!

4. Mystique

Redditor drbonedaddy posted a picture of his girlfriend’s Halloween costume. She is the Marvel character Mystique, as portrayed in the X-Men movies. The process of constructing the costume went like this:

Wasn't easy at all. The spandex suit had to first be landmarked, then painted. Each side took three to four hours and had to be allowed to dry overnight. Applying the latex for the scales on her face and painting it took two to three hours as well. She dyed her hair for the costume which was another hour. So in total it was roughly a 10 hour process over the course of a few days. I'm sure there are some very intricate costumes posted on here, but it really was a painstaking process to make it come together

And what did drbonedaddy select for a costume? He was also an X-Men character, the lesser-known Gambit.

5. Foosball Player

Josh Sundquist is an athlete, a math nerd, a rapper, and an author. He lost his left leg to cancer as a child. Lately he’s become internet-famous for his imaginative Halloween costumes: the Gingerbread Man from Shrek in 2010, the leg lamp from A Christmas Story in 2012, a flamingo in 2013, and we couldn’t wait to see what he’d cook up next. We weren’t disappointed. This year’s costume is infinitely appropriate for a one-legged athlete. He’s a foosball player. You can see what went into the costume in this short video

6. Jawas

Redditor themacalu made his kids into Jawas. To make the glowing eyes, he used dangling LED pendants attached to the bottoms of half-masks that kids wore under their hoods, so the lights were on their cheeks. The whole family dressed as Star Wars characters! 

7. Chucky

Redditor drinkpipe posted pictures of a child dressed up as the evil doll Chucky from the movie Child’s Play. Then he took the child to a Halloween party at a park where there were plenty of other children.

They did the makeup while he was asleep. He never had a clue as to what was going on or why the other kids were running away from him. He chased thinking it was all just a game.

This kid won the costume contest, and a good time was had by all. Luckily for this family, there are more playdates and parties through Halloween. See more pictures here.

8. Mini Bobak in the Mars Curiosity Rover

Friday on Twitter, Commander Chris Hadfield announced a Halloween costume contest for the cool kids who choose to dress as an astronaut. Great idea! He got a reply that just floored everyone. Inked Frog’s son is in a wheelchair. His father made it into the Mars Curiosity Rover for Halloween! And her son is made up to look like like NASA engineer Bobak Ferdowsi, who wore a red, white, and blue mohawk during Curiosity’s historic landing on Mars. Ferdowsi himself thought it was rad

9. Game of Bones

Who sits on the Iron Throne, uh, I mean the Throne of Bones? It’s Daenerys Targaryen, with her dragons by her side! Cynthia Martin, Samantha Watt, and Dorothy Bernard worked two months on the throne and the doggie costumes that will look familiar to any Game of Thrones fan. You can see more pictures and a couple of videos clips at Instagram.