11 Apps to Enhance Your Phone Entertainment

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Thanks to an endless supply of engaging apps, there’s no excuse for being bored as long as you’ve got your phone in your pocket. With apps like these, you can maximize your phone’s entertainment value, find music you love, and even get a little smarter.

1. Wayfare

Wayfare makes it easy to make new friends regardless of geography. This app provides international pen pals you can swap stories and photos with. It’s a great way to explore other cultures and lifestyles without ever leaving your home.

2. Dots 

The charm of this game lies in its simplicity— just connect the dots. Beautifully designed and highly addictive, this is the perfect game to play while waiting in line or sitting on a train.

3. Songza 

Songza works as a helpful DJ that plays music for you based on the mood or event. The tunes are unlimited and absolutely free, so you can listen all day.

4. Blendoku 

This game is an interesting twist on Sudoku. Players are given a grid with some colors filled in. The missing spaces must be filled in such a way that it makes a smooth gradient both vertically and horizontally. It’s the perfect game to learn how to distinguish subtle variations in colors and great for all ages.

5. Thomas Was Alone

Originally a flash game, Thomas Was Alone has expanded onto your smartphone. The player controls a variety of colored shapes that have their own personalities and abilities. The goal is to lead the shapes to checkpoints or exit zones on each level while overcoming obstacles and avoiding hazards.

6. Flipboard 

This app is “your own personal magazine.” Compile all your favorite news sources in one place. You can follow general interests, topics, and specific people to get an aggregated look at what’s going on in the world.

7. Disco Zoo 

Live out your dreams of owning a zoo and/or dance club with this adorable game. Collect animals and expand your zoo to rake in the big virtual bucks. You can throw dance parties for your animals and customers whenever you’re feeling groovy.

8. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko organizes all your e-books in one handy place. It also provides the user with thousands of free classic and modern books— like a virtual library.

9. Toast Time 

This delightfully punny game features a toaster that shoots English breakfast food at enemies in a retro arcade style game. There are 45 delicious missions to go on, all jam-packed with food-themed jokes.

10. Beamly

Beamly keeps you in the loop with the gossip on all your favorite shows. It also brings you together with friends, family, and like-minded television watchers. This social networking app enhances your television watching by putting you in touch with others watching the same thing at the same time, so you’ll already know the answer when you ask, “Did you see that?!”

11. Comics

This unassumingly named comic reader provides over 50,000 comics to peruse right on your phone. If you’re a comics fan, the app has all the big names like DC, Marvel, and Disney.

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