Ride Along on the Future Tallest Roller Coaster in the World


When it opens on Orlando, Florida's International Drive in 2017, the Skyscraper will unseat Six Flags' Kingda Ka in New Jersey as the tallest roller coaster in the world. At more than 500 feet, the coaster will be so tall that its construction will require special permission from the Federal Aviation Administration. You can see what it will be like to ride the Skyscraper by watching the animation above.

Riders will experience inversions and barrel rolls as the 50 story-Polercoaster spirals around a central tower at speeds up to 65mph, held in only by waist restraints (shoulder harnesses would ruin the view). In an upgrade of the typical screaming coaster photo, they'll be able to purchase video of their rides.

"The unique design of the coaster means more incredible, heart-pounding inside and outside loops, dives, spirals and inversions in a vertical area than riders have ever before experienced,” said Bill Kitchen, founder of U.S. Thrill Rides, which is developing the coaster, to the Orlando Sentinel. Michael Kitchen, president of the company, called the ride “an absolute cutting-edge engineering marvel that will deliver pure adrenaline unlike any roller coaster in the world today.”

For those who are looking for a more calm experience, the facility—called Skyplex—will also have a restaurant and an 535-foot-high observation deck accessible by glass elevators.