Want to Dress Like Moira Rose? Schitt's Creek Is Selling Its Wardrobe for Charity


The Roses have gone through a lot of changes since Schitt's Creek premiered in 2015, but the fish-out-of-water family never lost its fabulous fashion sense. Now, fans of the show will have the chance to dress like David, Moira, and the rest of the clan. As Entertainment Weekly reports, the team behind Schitt's Creek is joining forces with VSP Consignments in Toronto to sell the cast's wardrobe for charity.

On October 3, at 12 p.m. ET, the sale will go live on the consignment store's website. The shop hasn't revealed which clothing pieces will be available to purchase, but you can expect a lot of chic sweaters and glamorous dresses. And if you don't know of any fancy events (or dilapidated motels) where you can go to show off your new look, you can always find three friends and dress as the Roses for Halloween.

The clothing items on Schitt's Creek aren't normal props: They're essential to the storytelling and character development of the show. Star and co-creator Daniel Levy told Build: "the wardrobe on this show is able to tell a story that we don’t have to write … we’re constantly reminded of who these people are and where they came from.” That's why the actors work closely with the costume designer, with Catherine O'Hara and Annie Murphy sometimes doing hours of fittings before shooting.

Proceeds from the consignment sale will go to GLSEN, a nonprofit dedicated to creating safe, affirming environments for LGBTQ+ students in grades K through 12. If you're looking to support a good cause and update your wardrobe at the same time, head to vspconsignment.com when the sale starts this Thursday.

[h/t Entertainment Weekly]