11 Innovative Ways to Use Tech to Find the Perfect Holiday Outfit


Anyone who’s been to a big holiday party knows that the right outfit can really elevate your holiday cheer. Use these tech tricks to ensure that you’ll look sharper than ever this holiday season.

1. Ask a Lot of New Friends

Crowd-sourcing outfit decisions can be a great way to alleviate the pressure of holiday dressing. Even if you’re shopping alone, the Pose app connects you with a community of fellow fashionistas. If you’re uncertain about an outfit, you can upload a picture to Pose and receive immediate feedback from other users. And if your closet is feeling tired, you can trade items with fellow Posers for an instant (and free) wardrobe update. One Poser’s trash could be another’s outfit treasure!

2. Brave the Elements

When the weather outside is frightful, DressCast has you covered by giving you advice on bundling up. The app displays outfit inspirations based on the weather—and fashion—forecast near you. DressCast offers multiple outfit suggestions each day, and its six-day forecast is a great packing resource for holiday travelers.

3. Find an Online Stylist

Services like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club take the guesswork out of outfit planning by sending you a variety of items hand-picked by a stylist. Each site (Trunk Club sends men’s clothing, and Stitch Fix, women’s) bases the boxes on your style preferences and event needs. Both services allow you to pay only for the clothes you want, and you can send the rest back.

4. Send Someone Else Shopping for You

Good news for New York City-area procrastinators: For a fee based on the total cost of your shopping, Suddenlee.com offers next-day delivery from several hundred NYC (primarily clothing) stores. They’ll even hit sample sales for you. If you have your eye on an outfit but can’t face the holiday crowds, let Suddenlee be your fashion gopher.

5. Get Dressed With an Algorithm

Since holiday parties only come around once a year, there’s no room for error. Stylit (currently in Beta) aims to get styling down to a science. Using their “algo-fashion styling machine,” Stylit will use your responses to their personal style questionnaire to find you outfits on the web. They’ll send you shoppable outfit ideas (each with a title like “Turn Heads” for a flirty dress-and-sweater combination or “Chilly Days” for a casual, cozy look) every Thursday. The more outfits you rate, the more accurately the algorithm will find you the perfect holiday look.

6. Make the Most of Your Current Wardrobe

Glitter and sequins are the hallmarks of holiday dresses, but it can be difficult to find festive attire that fits in with your existing wardrobe. The community of stylists on the Polyvore app gives you tips on how to incorporate new pieces with your current favorites. The app learns your preferences based on products you like and curates an online store just for you.

7. Spend a Magical Night With an Outfit

If you can’t stand the idea of shelling out for a dress you might only wear once, Rent the Runway is a great way to save money and closet space while still looking fabulous. RTR allows you to search their vast collection of designer clothing (helpfully organized by event and dress code), rent a piece for four or eight days, and send it back, no cleaning required. And in case your holiday social calendar is extra-packed, RTR has just rolled out an unlimited accessories option (currently in Beta) that allows you to queue handbags, jackets, and jewelry for instant sparkle.

8. Get Inspired

Sometimes, all you need to create a perfect holiday look is a little inspiration. Chicfeed collects photos from the most popular style blogs (including The Sartorialist, altamira, and Chictopia) for easy viewing on the app.

9. Assemble Outfits on Your Phone

If you already have the pieces to make all your holiday outfits, Stylebook allows you to create a pocket-sized version of your entire closet. You can upload pictures of every article of clothing you own and lay out potential outfits easily. For anyone who ever dreamed about a virtual closet, Stylebook is the app for you.

10. Enlist the Experts

If you have an idea of what you want to wear but need some specific guidance, PS Dept. makes it easy to call in the experts. The app gives you access to personal shoppers from dozens of retailers. Just tell them what you’re looking for (from “I need a cocktail dress for an office party” to “Do you have any warm coats for formal occasions?”), and their experts will get back to you quickly with options and advice. Like what they suggest? PS Dept. allows you to purchase pieces directly through the app.

11. Nab the Perfect Outfit in a Flash

You may already be familiar with Gilt Group, the site that offers major discounts on clothing, accessories, and home products via flash sales, but the Gilt app makes it even easier to mine the sales for perfect additions to your holiday outfit. The app gives you real-time reminders for deals, so you’ll never miss another bargain.

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