8 Brilliant Ways 3D Printing Will Revolutionize Your Home

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By now, you’ve probably heard that 3D scanning and 3D printing are enabling researchers to make a host of incredible innovations (for example, manufacturing organs for transplants). What you might not know is that 3D scanning and printing can be surprisingly useful on a smaller scale as well. From using a 3D camera and printer to make a miniature figurine in your likeness to scanning your living room in order to explore redecorating options, here are a few interesting ways Intel® RealSense™ technology’s 3D scanning capabilities will be able to revolutionize your household and everyday life.

1. Never Run Out of Small Items

Owning a 3D printer is an excellent way to ensure you never run short of small household items. If you’ve ever ransacked the house looking for paper clips or staples, or if you’ve ever found yourself short on soup spoons for a big dinner party, you could use a 3D printer. Find designs for the objects you need in an online 3D printing library, then use your 3D printer to make the items in a flash. It’s just as easy as printing a standard image, but much more amenable to your guests’ soup craving.

2. Scan Your Spare Parts for Repairs 

Soon you’ll be able to lose the glue and mend that broken watch or piece of furniture using your 3D camera. All you’ll need to do is scan the broken pieces from all sides to create a digital replica, which you can manipulate to make whole again using modeling software.  Then you’ll use your 3D printer to print your fixed cog or table leg and voila! Your clock will be ticking again in no time.

3. Make a Sculptural Selfie

Jealous of all the ways small trinkets are getting pulled into the digital world? Soon you’ll be able to get in on the action, too. You will be able to use the Intel RealSense 3D camera to scan your face from ear to ear, then upload the image to the site 3DMe in order to have a figurine in your likeness sent right to your home.  You will also be able to gather friends or family members around the 3D camera to create a 3D portrait that you can email to relatives or have printed to spice up your mantelpiece. 

4. Customize Your Tools 

Just as you won’t be limited by the aesthetic design of any object you might scan, you’ll have free range when it comes to customizing an object’s size and shape. Do you have a ladle that you wish was just a bit longer, or a frying pan with a chipped handle? After scanning the objects in question, soon you’ll be able to swap their unfavorable characteristics for new, improved household tools.

5. Or Make a Material Difference

The possibilities for change continue: After scanning an item, you’ll be able to print a copy made from an entirely different material—for instance, create a miniature plastic keychain version of a beloved plush figurine.

6. Redecorate Without Lifting a Finger

Ever wonder what your home’s rooms would look like if you rearranged the furniture? 3D-scanning an entire room will make redecorating more efficient than ever before. Once an entire room is uploaded onto your computer via a quick scan with your 3D camera, you’ll be able to rearrange couches and dressers to determine which new setup meets your personal tastes without risking any pesky backaches.

7. Practice Assembling Your New Dresser

3D scanning will also be able to help simplify the task of building models or putting together individual pieces of furniture. Before you launch into a confusing pile of parts and pieces, you’ll be able to use your PC’s scanner to undertake a digital dry run. This proactive, innovative step will save you a good deal of stress and eliminate the risk of jammed pieces.

8. Print Your Final Course

Now for the really sweet stuff: How about printing genuine edible desserts? If you’re low on snacks, or in dire need of some festive treats for a night of entertainment, you can print actual candies, cakes, and chocolates using “ink” cartridges made from bound powdery sugar particles. The refreshments can take the form of finger foods or outrageously elaborate pastry decorations.

With Intel RealSense 3D camera, your home will be more than just where the heart is—it’ll be where all your great printed 3D designs are, too. Learn more here.