7 Incredible Innovations 3D Scanning Unlocks In Your Computer

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With 3D scanners, the possibilities for projects and creations are endless. Be prepared: innovative depth-sensing cameras from Intel are about to completely change the way you use your computer and devices.

1. Create a Sweet Memory

With new developments in sugar printing, you will be able to make candy versions of all your favorite things. Scan anything in your room and make a tiny, sugary version of it.  But why stop there? Soon you’ll be able to print out candy versions of your guests’ faces for parties or use the Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera to scan a bride and groom and then have 3DMe create a super-accurate wedding topper.  

2. Never Miss Another Piece or Part

Have you ever found yourself putting together furniture or an appliance, only to realize you’re missing an important part, like a stove knob? You’ll be able to scan one of its counterparts and 3D print an exact replica.

3. Archive Your Kids’ Art

Storing all of a child’s masterpieces can require a lot of space, but it’s a shame to get rid of so much creativity. If you have any sculptures or art projects crafted by your junior artisan, you’ll just need to scan the project to your computer. From there, you’ll be able to insert it into a virtual world to save it—no physical space required.

4. Upgrade Things You Already Own

Soon you’ll be able to take your old belongings into the 21st century. By scanning various objects around the house, you will be able to edit and enhance them on your computer, then print out your own personalized, new-and-improved versions. You may learn you’re a brilliant inventor sooner than you think!

5. Rescue Your Wardrobe

If the heel breaks off your favorite shoe or you lose a valuable button, you’ll just scan one of the remaining ones to get a replacement. You will also be able to use your 3D camera to scan rings and other jewelry if you want to create something similar but in a different color or material.

6. Send Your Creations Around the World

Make something you’re proud of? Soon you’ll be able to scan it so people all over the globe can print out their own versions. It will be a convenient way to share things with faraway friends without having to worry about distance.

7. Insert Yourself Into a Video Game

With virtual reality just around the corner, scanning technology will let you put yourself right in the game. After scanning your face, you will be able to create a realistic avatar in your likeness so you will soon be able to battle villains and explore the virtual world with your virtual doppelganger.

Intel RealSense 3D camera technologies will be able to give your projects and activities the depth they deserve. Learn more here.