The Most Popular Classic Horror Movie Villains by State

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If our societal obsession with serial killers, ghost hunting, and all things Stephen King is any indication, we seriously love to be scared. And, while innovative new films like 2019’s Midsommar and 2017’s Get Out give us plenty of fresh opportunities to shudder and shriek, we can’t help but return to certain longstanding horror icons year after year.

To see which ones are still haunting our nightmares and frequenting our search bars, chose 12 of the most popular villains from horror movies released before 2000 and analyzed Google Trends data from the last year to see who’s on top in each state.

map of popular horror villains

Unsurprisingly, Stephen King characters dominated the competition with a total of 20 states. Ten of those belonged to The Shining’s Jack Torrance, It’s Pennywise took eight states, and Carrie’s titular character was the most searched in two: Vermont and Wyoming.

Trailing Pennywise were Chucky from the Child’s Play franchise and Frankenstein’s monster (Frankenstein, of course, was the name of the doctor), who each won six states. The Silence of the Lambs’s Hannibal Lecter and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series’s recurring killer Leatherface weren’t far behind with five and four states, respectively. Rounding out the list were Alien, Ghostface, Norman Bates, Count Dracula, and Freddy Krueger. list of states and most popular horror villains

Geographically, there weren’t any obvious trends, suggesting that nothing brings the country together quite like the fear of murderous fictional monsters and men.

Though the study only included characters from horror films that predate this millennium, many of these bone-chilling antagonists have enjoyed a return to the big or small screen fairly recently. Bill Skarsgård brought Pennywise back to life in 2017’s It and this fall’s It: Chapter II, Mark Hamill voiced Chucky in this year’s Child’s Play reboot, and Jack Torrance will surely feature in Doctor Sleep, the upcoming sequel to The Shining. Though Frankenstein’s monster didn’t really get his own remake this year, he definitely helped inspire the absurdist Netflix mockumentary Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein, starring Stranger Things’s David Harbour.

scary horror film villains

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The Most Popular TV Show to Binge-Watch During Quarantine in Each State

Is this the face of a man watching The Vampire Diaries? If he's in Montana, the answer is probably yes.
Is this the face of a man watching The Vampire Diaries? If he's in Montana, the answer is probably yes.
gpointstudio/iStock via Getty Images

With few places to go and even fewer people to see, many of us are spending our time in quarantine baking bread, taking virtual tours, and sitting in front of the television for hours. To find out what everyone’s choosing to binge-watch, surveyed almost 7000 viewers across the nation, analyzed the search volume for their responses with Google Trends, and used all of that data to create a map that reveals each state’s most-watched show.

While Netflix’s bizarre true crime docuseries Tiger King and reality dating competition Too Hot to Handle did appear in some surveys, neither they—nor any other new short-lived series—landed in first place for any state. Instead, most people appear to be indulging in nostalgic sitcoms or catching up on critically acclaimed dramas from the recent past (or present).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Friends is the clear winner, coming in first in 13 states in just about every corner of the country, including Texas, California, Florida, and New York. Not only can 10 seasons with Rachel, Joey, and the rest of the gang keep you busy for 121 hours, but the upcoming Friends reunion makes this an even better time for a full rewatch. It’s not the only sitcom on the map: Gilmore Girls, The Office, and Rick and Morty all earned a handful of states each.

map of most watched TV shows in quarantine
Apparently, all it took to make Delawareans finally decide to watch Game of Thrones was a months-long quarantine.

Other people seem to be using quarantine as an opportunity to commit to TV shows that their friends have probably been begging them to watch for ages. For residents of Washington, D.C. and New Mexico, it’s Breaking Bad, while people in Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, and West Virginia are finally pressing play on The Walking Dead. Based on this study, it looks like most states were already all caught up on Game of Thrones before quarantine—and some people probably rewatched the series just last year to prepare for the final season—but it did rank first in Delaware.

The map isn’t without a few surprises. Missourians, for example, are split between bingeing The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Ozark; and folks in Washington and Oregon are apparently all in on Star Trek.

You can see the full list and find out more about the study here.