9 Amazing Ways Depth Sensing Cameras Are Making Gaming More Fun

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With the advent of innovative depth camera technology coming soon from Intel, gaming is poised to free itself of controllers and become a truly immersive experience. Finally, video games have leveled up. Here’s how.

1. Your Living Room Becomes the Level

…Or the arena, stage, airship, or tank. Depth cameras will fully integrate your real-life and digital environments to truly bring the game to life. Instead of moving a control pad to move through a level, you’ll simply walk around in front of the couch. You’ll never look at your living room the same.

2. Multiplayer Like Never Before

With the gesture control that depth-sensing cameras make possible, you’ll no longer be limited by the number of control inputs on a console. Fill the room with friends and family and start a gaming party. Everyone’s movements will be picked up by a depth camera, which will allow each person be a part of the action. No more waiting for your turn to play!

3. Put Yourself In the Game

Someday you’ll be able to use the Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera to scan your face and turn yourself into a playable character. He or she will look like you, which will create a gaming experience like no other. Just remember that the cheat codes only exist in the game, so no invisibility or infinite lives for real-life you.

4. Achieve Complete Control

With depth sensing cameras, a game responds immediately to your movements and actions. That responsiveness will give gamers instant and close control that’s totally seamless, making gameplay more life-like and less game-like. For example, in Space Astro Blaster, a 3D space shooting game that makes use of Intel RealSense technology, you use your hands and head motions to control your space ship.

5. Get Up and Get Moving

Depth-sensing cameras will make boring, sedentary game-playing a thing of the past. Want to swing a golf club? Then swing. Rocket a tennis ball at 140 miles per hour? Serve. Hit a home run? Then grip it and rip it. Depth sensing cameras will make sports games more realistic than ever before, so get ready to compete against the best—and with your body as the controller, your virtual activity will help you get real exercise.

6. Versatility Means More Control

Play sitting or standing, up close or far away—the choice will be yours. Depth cameras will allow for highly diverse game-playing options, so anyone can play however they want for a truly personalized and comfortable experience.

7. Communicate With Friends and Rivals

Depth sensing cameras will make real-time video chat more immersive and interactive. When playing online, you and your teammates (or opponents) will be able to overlay your images over the game so you can see each other, chat, and give commands with natural gestures.

8. Never Press “Pause” Again

When you turn your attention away or leave the room, your gaming system will know and automatically halt gameplay until you get back. You’ll never be caught off guard again—and you’ll never be able to use the excuse that you weren’t ready to play.

9. Games That Grow With You

Depth sensing cameras are so sensitive they can detect minute changes in your movements and facial expressions and use them to infer your emotion. For games, this could mean that when you start to master aspects of a game, your device will sense your ease and increase the difficulty to make it a challenging experience—and one unlike any other in the history of video games.

Intel RealSense cameras with depth-sensing technology will soon enable gesture control to elevate your gaming experience and usher in some serious fun. Learn more here.