9 DIY Projects Made Easier With a 3D Scanner

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Every ambitious builder has tried a DIY project that fell just beyond his or her grasp. As these examples show, soon nothing will limit makers but their own imaginations—thanks to innovations in 3D scanning coming soon from Intel.

1. Keep a Digital Archive of Your Favorite Objects

Part of the joy of growing older is handing down our cherished keepsakes to younger generations, but sometimes it can be difficult to let go. 3D scanning technology will make it possible to have the best of both words: Make a scan of a favorite teddy bear or project and keep a copy with you even as you pass on the original. Sharing will be easier than ever.

2. Let Kids Work in Three Dimensions Earlier

3D scanning technology will help kids learn how to interact more completely and intuitively with the world. Where a child making “artistic updates” to a household item was previously cause for a time-out, 3D scanners will allow them to manipulate scans of the objects in their world, creating entirely new pieces while the originals remain intact.

3. Create Sharper Portraits

The boundaries of art are constantly expanding, and 3D scanning technology will make it easier than ever to create portraits of yourself or others. Intel® RealSense™ 3D cameras will enable you to capture a full ear-to-ear scan of your face. You’ll then be able to use these scans in an app like 3DMe™ to create a realistic 3D digital avatar of yourself. Even cooler, pairing this innovative technology with a 3D printer will enable you to do something we’ve all dreamed of: Printing an action figure of yourself!

4. Bring Nature Home With You

Nature has been inspiring art for as long as humans have been creating it. With 3D scanning technology, you will be able to explore nature and adhere to the leave-no-trace dictate, “Take nothing but pictures,” while still bringing home digital 3D versions of whatever flowers and plants inspire you. These digital images will be the greenest way to bring nature back to your art.

5. Design Your Own Hybrids

Have you ever wanted to play Dr. Frankenstein without creating an uncontrollable monster? 3D scanning technology will allow anyone to create mash-ups of objects. You will be able to merge objects in your home to create entirely new ones while leaving the originals intact. Many museums are starting to offer scans of pieces in their collections, so you will even have the option of splicing your own household items with great works of art!

6. Spiff Up Your Wardrobe

Sometimes, the little things make all the difference. Unique buttons are a great way to add personality to a garment, but their very uniqueness can present a challenge for a DIY-er, With a 3D scanner, you will be able to create a digital model of a single button and replicate it as many times as you need to transform a drab article of clothing into something special.

7. Make Any Object Your Own

In the past, we turned to puff paint or stickers to decorate basic objects. With 3D scanning, you will be able to give the craft drawer a rest as you improve on a boring smartphone case by adding cutout embellishments to a digital copy or customize an existing picture frame for a special event. You will even be able to use a scan of an object to create a template for a creative party favor! To see this technology in action today, visit the Intel Experience at Best Buy.

8. Print Out a Personalized Snack

3D printing systems offer great diversity of materials, including edible ones! With a 3D scanner, you will be able to create a mold of nearly anything, then print it out in edible form for a memorable treat. You’ll be able to create a themed dessert, a unique hostess gift, or even a wedding cake topper.

9. Make an Item That’s Perfect For You

With a 3D scanner, the world will be your template. You’ll have the ability to tweak any object to match your exact vision, so close enough can become exactly right. If you love that mug, but it won’t fit in your cup holder, or this bracelet is perfect, but slightly too big, a 3D scan of close enough will allow you to create your own ideal objects.

Intel RealSense 3D cameras use depth-sensing technology to help you mold your world—and the things inside it—like never before. Learn more here.