This Reusable Drink Cover Is Made Entirely of Ocean-Bound Plastic

Freaker USA via Kickstarter
Freaker USA via Kickstarter

Want to protect your hands from hot drinks while also looking rad (and eco-friendly)? For just $5, you can buy a reusable drink koozie made completely from ocean-bound plastic.

North Carolina-based company Freaker USA’s new product, Slippy, aims to reduce the number of people using non-reusable cardboard coffee sleeves. “Every year Americans use enough cardboard coffee sleeves to cover Texas,” the company says in its Kickstarter campaign.

Each koozie is woven from yarn created with one plastic bottle that would otherwise be destined for the ocean. That means all of the plastic bottles used to create each Slippy were “collected from the beach or within 30 miles of the coast in countries without formal waste management systems,” the company says. It was a challenge to create a product made entirely from ocean-bound plastic: Several companies create products using a mixture of ocean-bound plastic and recycled plastic, Freaker USA says, but few create products from 100 percent ocean-bound plastic.

As of November 3, more than 1000 backers have pledged $34,000 to Freaker USA’s Kickstarter—well over $20,000 more than the original goal. Interested customers have until November 22 to contribute to the campaign. Backers can choose from 25 different Slippy designs for $5 each. For $500 and up, independent business owners can purchase Slippy koozies with a custom logo.

Dominate Game Night With Godzilla-Themed Monopoly and Jenga


Competitive board games have a tendency to bring out players' monstrous sides, and later this year, you'll be able to embrace those destructive impulses with Jenga and Monopoly games inspired by Godzilla.

Both products featuring Japan's iconic mutant menace are a collaboration between games publisher USAopoly (also known as The Op) and entertainment company Toho International, reports. The first one, dubbed Monopoly: Godzilla, is billed as a "city-terrorizing twist on the classic board game." The properties available for conquering include Monster Island, Goro’s Workshop, and Kitakami Lake. Instead of the classic game pieces, players use tokens of monsters like Mothra, Rodan, and Godzilla to dominate the board.

The second game pairs so perfectly with Godzilla that it may rival the classic version. In Jenga: Godzilla Extreme Edition, the block tower resembles a skyscraper taken from downtown Tokyo, and it comes with a cardboard cutout of Godzilla unleashing a beam of atomic breath. With every role of the die, Godzilla moves along the "approach track," increasing the number of blocks removed each turn and hastening the building's destruction.

Godzilla Jenga.

Monopoly: Godzilla will sell for $40, and Jenga: Godzilla Extreme Edition will cost $20. You can find them in select stores when they debut in the spring.

Are You a Friends Superfan? Then You Need This Friends-Themed Cards Against Humanity

The One With All the Cards/Amazon
The One With All the Cards/Amazon

For a seemingly simple show, Friends has continued to entertain fans around the world for more than 25 years. The ’90s sitcom allowed viewers to follow the lives of six tight-knit friends and—most importantly—quote many hilarious lines and references. Now, you can mix and match some of the show's best moments with The One With All the Cards game, which looks and plays a lot like Cards Against Humanity. You can find it on Amazon for $30.

While the game isn’t a Cards Against Humanity expansion pack, it’s quite similar. There’s a set of black question cards containing classic lines like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY SISTER?” to which players respond with white cards that feature answers like, “Feeling my bicep, and maybe more.”

When you’ve established who is the best at Friends quotes, you can see who the real superfan is with The One With All the Questions. This trivia game features more than 300 quiz questions and you can find it on Amazon for $33.

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