We’re Lovin’ It: McDonald’s Is Bringing Back Retro ‘90s Happy Meal Toys

McDonald's, YouTube
McDonald's, YouTube / McDonald's, YouTube

For many 1990s kids, the best toys of their childhood were the plastic trinkets McDonald's included in Happy Meals. If you still regret missing out on a mini Furby or Tamagotchi keychain 20 years later, now's your chance to grab one. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the first-ever Happy Meal, McDonald's is launching a special-edition line of retro Happy Meal toys in November 2019, CNN reports.

Millennials will recognize many of the vintage toys featured in the throwback promotion. Miniature Hot Wheels cars, Beanie Babies, and Power Ranger action figures—all of which were real Happy Meal toys in the 1990s—have been revived for a limited time. The collectibles also include toys dating back to the earlier years of the Happy Meal's history. The McNugget gang—plastic chicken nuggets dressed as a cowboy, fireman, and mail carrier—originally debuted in the 1980s, and are part of the new promotion.

Since starting as a way to sell kids' meals in 1979, Happy Meal toys have grown into a sensation. Some vintage items are worth hundreds of dollars on eBay. The toys have also been the target of criticism over the years, with some people accusing them of promoting unhealthy eating habits in children and polluting the environment with single-use plastic.

If your nostalgia overrides any negative feelings you have about fast food, you can pick up your retro Happy Meal toys later this month. The promotion rolls out in 90 countries on November 7 until November 11.

[h/t CNN]