9 Things From The 90s That Should Be Made Into Emojis


Brought to you by VH1’s Hindsight

From plastic see-through phones to J.T.’s bleached head of hair, the 90s is a colorful decade full of awesome (and terrible) ideas that’d provide the perfect inspo board for the next batch of Emojis. Check out some proposed ideas below for Emojis based on the best decade EVER that will make you realize just how weak your Emoji game truly is without these tiny little cartoons at your disposal.

1. Michelle Tanner from Full House

Her little OMG face is just adorbs (you know, the same OMG face with both hands on face that Kevin from Home Alone mastered as well) and everything you need in your Emoji portfolio right now for all those OH MY GOSH moments in your life.

2. A Lisa Frank unicorn

Move over, ordinary pig, cat and dog – a Lisa Frank unicorn would just shut down the use of any other animal Emoji with its rainbow color palette alone. There’s a reason why we only carried our art creations from Kindergarten in Lisa Frank folders.

3. Tamagotchi

We mean… why wouldn’t you want a Tamagotchi Emoji? It’s only the best toy of the 90s and think of how great it would be to share the joy of a Tamagotchi over text.

4. Pikachu

You could have a happy Pikachu, sad Pikachu, mad Pikachu, surprised Pikachu… wouldn’t this be 100x better than the cat Emoji faces?

5. Sister, Sister

Can we get a petition going to replace those two little girls holding hands with Tia and Tamera Mowry?! Nothing screams sisterhood more than one of our favorite set of twins from the 90s!

6. Fuzzy pen

Let’s upgrade that super boring calligraphy pen Emoji with a fluffy pink fuzzy pen in honor of Clueless and its incredible influence on our upbringing.

7. Daria

One of our most overused Emojis is the one that looks bored – like this -_-. If we had Daria’s unamused face as an Emoji, we’d be set every time someone made an unnecessary jab at our expense. Plus, this new bored Emoji would have glasses too!

8. Nickelodeon slime

Yeah, it’s random, but having some quintessential Nickelodeon slime as an Emoji could only produce good vibes. How much more did you love your favorite celebrity when he or she got slimed? Think of it as an Emoji that conveys deep, deep affection for the other party.

9. Fresh Prince of Bel-air

Now, this is a story all about how Will Smith got turned into an Emoji…and we liked it. We’re all about Will sitting on a golden throne with some 90s shades on, because we’ve overused our “cool” Emoji wearing the Ray-bans.

As you can see, taking some steps back isn’t always a bad thing - it can be freaking awesome! Head back in time with VH1’s new series Hindsight, which depicts what happens when one girl gets transported back to a decade filled with VHS tapes and crunchy hair spray with the opportunity to do things over.