This Beer Promises to Make You More Creative /

Ernest Hemingway may never have actually said, "write drunk; edit sober," but that doesn't mean it's bad advice. 

Jennifer Wiley of the University of Illinois at Chicago found that getting a little tipsy actually helped get the creative juices flowing— the sweet spot is .075%, just under the legal limit. “Sometimes a reduced ability to control one’s attention can have positive implications for select cognitive tasks,” the study explains. 

Not all of us own a breathalyzer, so that's where the "Problem Solver" comes in. Agency CP+B Copenhagen and Rockey Brewing concocted a bottle of beer that helps you reach that perfect level of drunkenness where you can still function, but lose some of your inhibitions. This bottle of booze aims to let you literally drink away your problems (by solving them!). 

A handy index on the back of the bottle lets you see exactly how much you need to drink; just find the line that matches your height and drink until you reach it.

If you're looking to try this alcoholic muse, you'll have to join "The Problem Solvers" initiative. The charitable group aims to solve problems creatively and offers to pay "a beer for an idea." You can get in on the action by joining this Facebook group. 

In the words of Homer Simpson, "To alcohol! The cause of—and solution to—all of life's problems."